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 What is HumaniTech®?

HumaniTech® is a link--both hands-on and intellectual--that connects Humanities faculty and graduate students with the discussion, incorporation, and facilitation of technology in teaching and research.

Our goals are to encourage discussion, exploration, and implementation of technology in teaching and research through workshops, discussions, and colloquia. We build connections across disciplines through a critical exploration of the interplay between Humanities research and technology. The collaborative efforts of Humanities scholars and computer programmers has led to cutting-edge resources such as digital archives, interactive mapping systems, new technologies in language instruction, cultural studies-- with the potential to redefine the future of Humanities research.

“We see that not only do technology and the humanities mix, but, in the present digital culture, one may not be able to survive without the other.”

The primary functions of HumaniTech® are:

  • To promote and support technology in teaching and research for Humanities faculty through workshops and consultations.
  • Sponsorship of lecture series on "Humanities and Technology," with focus on issues such as multiple literacies and being human in a digital age.
  • Sponsorship of colloquia on the application of new technologies to course instruction.
  • Research, collection, and dissemination of information on intellectual property rights on the Internet.
  • Liason with the Humanities bibliographers in the School's and library's efforts to support technologically-based instruction and research.
  • Liaison with the various technological arms of UCI, such as NACS (Network and Academic Computing Services), the Instructional Resource Center, and EEE (Electronic Educational Environment).
  • Liason between the faculty and the UC system's online library (CDL, or California Digital Library).

 Who Are We?
Barbara Cohen x. 47445 Room 174 HIB

Maritess Santiago x. 43638 Room 175 HIB
Technical support Stan Woo-Sam x. 44869 Room 269D HH
Website support Marcie Hague x. 48506 Room 276 HIB

Do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us with your questions or other requests.

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