Michelle Tran

- Informatics Major, Sophomore
"I wanted to take Vietnamese because although I grew up speaking the language, I was never taught how to read or write. I was inspired to take a class so I could better communicate with my family and grandparents as that is their first language and it feels weird not being able to represent your culture well. I thought the class was super fun, it taught me the correct way to say things instead of just speaking it at home.

Learning about my own culture was fun and interesting because I could apply my knowledge at home and my family would say your pronunciation is better or I'd use terms that they weren't familiar with and I felt better connecting with what they had experienced when they were young.

Also I have made great friends throughout the year. A quarter goes by fast but I have made friends that are yearlong instead of quarterly and we all bond over the fact that we are Vietnamericans who want to learn more about our culture!" (March 2019)