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The Year in Review

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Undergraduate Scholarships

Coryn Hardison: Samuel and Sarah Ellen McCulloch Undergraduate Award in History
Sara Lathrop: Samuel and Sarah Ellen McCulloch Undergraduate Award in History
Eric Diaz Torres: School of Humanities Undergraduate Award in History
Jesse Mendoza:  Vicki L. Ruiz Undergraduate Scholarship in History

Undergraduate History Conference Presenters

Berenice Tepozano, Nicole Souders, Coryn Hardison, Andrew Ortiz, Alexandra Singca, Jeanine Erikat, Ye Lin, Phil Chiang, Andrew Perkins, Jake Li, Brad Seward, Danushi Vijani De Silva, Sara Lathrop, Lila Orshefsky, Kacey Nguyen, Khang Do, Mitchell Taylor, Cheyenne Read, Delia Elizabeth Cruz Kelly, Auboni Hossain

Undergraduate Phi Alpha Theta Members

Franco Cirilli, Berenice Tepozano, Magaly Salas, Katelyn Ethison, Jessica Longley, Desiree Elysse Garcia

Other Undergraduate Achievements

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research: Maria Abigail Alvarez
School of Humanities Honors Program Graduates: Maria Abigail Alvarez, Coryn Hardison, Sara Lathrop, Bradley Seward
UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) Symposium Participants: Alexandra Singca, Mimi Eang, Jo Lopez, Ryan Owings, Cheyenne Read, Shih Yuan Huang
In Fall 2018, 13 students enrolled in the History Internship Program. Internship sites included the UCI History Project, UCI Libraries, and the Journal of Asian Studies.
In Winter 2018/Spring 2019, 12 students completed the Advanced Research Seminar with Professor Emily Baum.

UCI History Project

Nicole Gilbertson won a UCI Engage Award for her work with K-12 partnerships that are focused on low income school districts. She works with about 600 teachers a year in Orange, LA, Riverside, Imperial and San Diego Counties. She has been site director for over 20 years.

Graduating M.A. Students

Pauline Pechakjian, Rethinking “Repatriation”: A Social History of the Mass Migration of Diaspora Armenians to Soviet Armenia, 1946-49

Graduating Ph.D. Students

Ali Olomi, Becoming Muslim: Homeland, Identity, and the Making of Perso-Islamic World
Steve Pascoe, Contesting Concessions: Infrastructure, Imperialism, and the Struggle for Sovereignty in Syria, 1908–1946
Sif Goodale, Nordby, Sønderho, and Marstal: Global Maritime Communities in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
Matthew Combs, Camphor, A Plastic History: China, Taiwan, And Celluloid, 1868-1937
Assal Rad, The State of Resistance: National Identity Formation In Modern Iran

Ph.D. Placements

Matthew Combs, BioSoft Integrators, Systems Analyst
Assal Rad, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), Regional Organizer for the western US and Policy Analyst
Ali Olomi, Penn State Abington, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of History

Graduate Student Publications

Stephanie Narrow, “Conversations in Public History: An Interview with Bob Eager” (California History, Volume 95, Number 4, Winter 2018)
Stephanie Narrow, “California and Career Diversity: Adjusting the Aims of the History PhD” (California History, Volume 95, Number 3, Fall 2018)
Clare Gordon-Bettencourt, “Like Oil and Water: Food Additives and America’s Food Identity Standards in the Mid-Twentieth Century” appears in the edited volume Proteins, Pathologies and Politics: Dietary Innovation and Disease from the Nineteenth Century
Monish Borah, Review of Jonas Scherner and Eugene N. White (eds.), Paying for Hitler’s War: The Consequences of Nazi Hegemony for Europe (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016). German History, (March, 2019).
Monish Borah, Review of Eric Jones, Growth Recurring: Economic Change in World History (New York: OUP, 1988). Journal of Indian History and Culture 24, no. 1 (2018): 424-427.
Monish Borah, Review of Kaveh Yazdani, India, Modernity and the Great Divergence: Mysore 2018-19 and Gujarat (17th to 19th C) (Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2017). H-NET, under review.
Monish Borah, Review of Hennie van Vuuren, Apartheid, Guns and Money: A Tale of Profit (London, C. Hurst and Company Publishers, 2018). Africa Studies Quarterly, forthcoming.
Steve Pascoe, A “Weapon of the Weak”: Electric Boycotts in the Arab Levant and the Global Contours of Interwar Anti-Imperialism,” Radical History Review 134 (May 2019), pp. 116–141

Graduate Student Grants & Fellowships

Stephanie Narrow: Humanities Out There Public Fellow, Charles & Ann Quilter Graduate Student Award, National Humanities Center Internship West Award, American Historical Association Career Diversity Fellowship, La Verne Noyes Fellowship
Clare Gordon: Pedagogical Fellowship, UCHRI Dissertation Research Funding, Dickson D. Bruce Conference Funding, Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship, SOH TA Award Nominaton, School of Humanities Summer Dissertation Award
Monish Borah: Charles and Ann Quilter Award, Center for Asian Studies Award
Rachael Delacruz: Dickson D. Bruce Graduate Research Award, President’s Dissertation Year Fellowship, School of Humanities Summer Dissertation Award
Olivia Humphrey: School of Humanities Summer Dissertation Award, Charles and Ann Quilter Graduate Student Award
Pauline Pechakjian: UCI Armenian Studies Naneh Graduate Research Fellowship, NationalAssociation for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR) Research Grant in Armenian Studies, Society for Armenian Studies Graduate Research Grant
Yuxiu Wu: Charles and Ann Quilter Graduate Student Award
Rong Kong: UCI CAS Research Grants for Faculty and Grad Students, UCI History Department Dickson D. Bruce Graduate Research Award, UCI Humanities Common Graduate Student, UCI The Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies (GPACS), The Association for Asian Studies (AAS) China
Ayal Amer: Charles and Ann Quilter Graduate Student Award
Ayuko Takeda: Charles and Ann Quilter Graduate Student Award
Javiera Letelier: Charles and Ann Quilter Graduate Student Award
Juan Rubio: Charles and Ann Quilter Graduate Student Award
Max Speare: Charles & Ann Quilter Graduate Student Award, Pre-Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship with the Mellon-funded Sawyer Seminar “Suffer Well.”
Pratichi Priyambada: Humanities Commons Collaborative Grant for South Asia Graduate Working Group, UCI Humanities Travel Grant, Humanities Commons Research Grant, Charles and Ann Quilter from History Department, Center for Asian Studies Summer Travel Grant
Taoyu Yang: Charles & Ann Quilter Graduate Student Award, Graduate Student Research and Travel Award
Katherine Cosby: Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship
Arnold Alahverdian: Graduate Student Research and Travel Award
Kyle David: Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Graduate Student Research and Travel Award

Faculty Fellowships, Grants & Awards

Sarah Farmer: Albert & Elain Borchard Foundation
Chelsea Schields: German Historical Institute
Jeff Wasserstrom: Leverhulme Fellowship
Emily Baum: Fulbright Fellowship

Faculty Books

Emily Baum: The Invention of Madness: State, Society, and the Insane in Modern China. University of Chicago Press, 2018.
Houri Berberian: Roving Revolutionaries: Armenians and the Connected Revolutions in the Russian, Iranian, and Ottoman Worlds. UC Press, 2019.