Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Grad Alumni!

Department: History

Post Date: July 31, 2020

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The History Department would like to congratulate the 2019-2020 graduate alumni for the successful completion of their Masters and Doctorate degrees in History. We are always amazed by the hard work of our students - especially in such difficult times. This year’s new alumni wrote very impressive theses

Graduating PhD Students
  • Jessica Christian, Return to the Mission: Gendered Bonds, Women, and Colonization in San Diego, 1769-1930
    • Ph.D. Committee: Vicki Ruiz (Chair), David Igler, Alicia Cox
    • Next academic year, Jessica will be a part-time visiting lecturer in history at her undergrad alma mater, Scripps College. She will also be teaching part-time at Orange Coast College. 
  • Rachael De La Cruz, Surveillance, Settlements, and Sanctuary: A Comparative and Relational History of Refugee Policies in Central America, 1979-1992
    • Ph.D. Committee: Anita Casavantes Bradford (Chair), Susan Bibler Coutin, Vicki Ruiz, Heidi Tinsman
    • Rachael has accepted a tenure-track job as an Assistant Professor of Modern Latin American History at Montana State University, Billings.
  • Stefanie Lira, Mercurial Masculinities: Indigenous and Chinese Laborers in the Early Colonial Philippines
    • Ph.D. Committee: Rachel O'Toole (Chair), Heidi Tinsman, Renee Raphael and Jennifer Terry
  • Marketus Presswood, Black and Yellow in Red: The African Diaspora and Chinese Political and Cultural Solidarities, 1920-1968
    • Ph.D. Committee: Jeffrey Wasserstrom (Chair), Kavita Philip, Judy Wu
Graduating MA Students
  • Yanlin Lu, The Three-In-One Mode Derailed: Multiparty Interaction Guangdong’s Deworm Campaign
    • Thesis Committee: Emily Baum (Chair), Chelsea Schields, Renee Raphael
  • Danathan Nguyen, Reports, Recollection, and Refugees: The Early Vietnamese American Experience through Periodicals and Oral Histories
    • Thesis Committee: Emily Baum (Chair), David Fedman, Renee Raphael
  • Wyatt Wiggins, ’To This, I am Inviting You:’ Community Building in the Letters of Catherine of Siena, 1378-1390
    • Thesis Committee: Nancy McLoughlin (Chair), Laura Mitchell, Renee Raphael