Date Time Program Title
06/07/1909:30 AMHistoryAnteater Historical Reflections on Latin America: A Gathering in Honor of Steven Topik
05/30/1902:00 PMHistoryNew Paths in Digital Humanities: Connecting Research, Teaching and the Market in a European Flagship Project
05/30/1912:00 PMHistoryRecognizing Female Voices in Dissent: The Macho Ethos of the Opposition and Its Post-1989 Legacies
05/29/1912:00 PMHistory"The Western as Method: Questions of Indigeneity, Race and Violence in the American and Japanese Frontiers", a talk with Takashi Fujitani
05/24/1911:30 AMHistoryAcademic Job Search Workshop
05/17/1902:00 PMHistory"From Convent to Hollywood: Redefining Female and Gender Roles in the Colonial Philippines" with Dr. Vina Lanzona (University of Hawai'i at Mānoa)
05/16/1910:00 AMHistoryThe Fifth Annual Undergraduate History Conference
05/06/1902:00 PMHistoryGrad Student Workshop
05/04/1909:30 AMHistoryThe Second Feminist Armenian Studies Workshop, "Gendering Resistance and Revolution"
04/26/1904:00 PMHistory"'A Strange Creature of the Night': Raúl Grigera and the Feat of Black Celebrity in 1910s Buenos Aires" by Dr. Paulina Alberto
04/22/1903:00 PMHistoryCompound Words, Synthetic World: Chemists, Computing & the Environment, Evan Hepler Smith
04/19/1908:00 AMHistoryHGSA Conference
04/18/1904:30 PMHistoryThe Fifth Annual Keith Nelson Lecture in U.S. International History: "The Hearts of Foreigners, How Americans Understand Others" featuring Dr. Tim Borstelmann
04/07/1908:00 AMHistoryApplications for the 2019 Undergraduate History Conference Due!
04/04/1902:00 PMHistoryScience vs. the Chinese State: The Present Is History
03/01/1909:00 AMHistoryShut Up and Write!: A Day-Long Writing Workshop
02/28/1904:00 PMHistoryStudying History in Graduate School: A Q&A with three UCI History Graduate Students
02/27/1903:30 PMHistoryJournal Publishing Workshop with the Pacific Historical Review
02/25/1902:00 PMHistoryGraduate Student Workshop: Papers from Olivia Humphrey & Taoyu Tang
02/19/1903:30 PMHistory"Countering Fears of Corruption: 'Leprosy' and Healing in the Early Caribbean." w/ Dr. Kristen Block
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