Middle East
Date Time Program Title
06/08/1807:00 PMGlobal Middle East Studies"Five Broken Cameras" Movie Night | Friday, June 8th, 7-9PM
05/17/1803:30 PMGlobal Middle East StudiesIraqibacter: Ecologies of War and an Anthropology of Wounding | Thursday (5/17), 3:30pm SBSG 1321
02/28/1806:00 PMGlobal Middle East Studies"The Weight of History in Fiction and Non-Fiction: A Conversation" - Feb. 28 @ 6p (HG 1030)
01/30/1811:30 AMGlobal Middle East StudiesGME Welcome Event - Tues. Jan 30 @ 11:30a
12/01/1704:00 PMGlobal Middle East Studies"Defenders of the Realm: Iran in Iraq and Syria" - Friday, Dec. 1, 4-5pm @ HG 1341
11/21/1703:30 PMGlobal Middle East StudiesSamar Al-Bulushi: "Home as Thoroughfare: Surveillance, Infrastructure, and the ‘War on Terror' in East Africa." 11/21 @ 3:30p
11/02/1701:00 PMGlobal Middle East StudiesShake the Dust
10/31/1705:00 PMGlobal Middle East StudiesWriting about Jerusalem: A Conversation with Visiting Journalist and Author Paola Caridi and UCI Historian Mark LeVine
10/04/1712:00 PMGlobal Middle East StudiesLeading Scholars at Risk (SAR) Student Advocacy Seminars - Wednesday, Oct. 4th from 12-2pm
05/08/1708:00 AMGlobal Middle East StudiesUCI Refugee Awareness Week: Through Refugee EYES
01/30/1708:00 AMGlobal Middle East StudiesUS Visa Ban
11/15/1612:30 PMGlobal Middle East Studies"On Photographic Self-Representation in Iran" by Dr. Ali Behdad (UCLA)
11/02/1606:00 PMGlobal Middle East Studies"Armenia's Current Political and Social Situation in Global Context" with Armine Ishkanian - 11/2 @ 6PM (HG 1030)
10/20/1605:00 PMGlobal Middle East Studies"Across Legal Lines: Jews and Muslims in Modern Morocco" - 10/20 @ 5PM
10/13/1612:30 PMGlobal Middle East Studies"Jerusalem: Urban Spatial Changes During Political Uncertainty 1994-2016" presented by Scott Bollens (UCI)
04/18/1604:00 PMGlobal Middle East StudiesThe Contagion of Revolution: Roving Armenian Revolutionaries, Ideas in Motion, and Connected Revolutions across the Russian, Ottoman, and Iranian Frontiers
04/12/1606:00 PMGlobal Middle East StudiesA Conversation with Mohamed Soltan and Hussam Ayloush
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