Student Testimonial Detail

Sachiko Kido

I graduated from UCI with Global CuItures degree in June 2008. Since then, I have been working at American Honda Motor Inc. in Torrance (California) where I had already did an internship while I was completing my Global Cultures degree.

At my job I use communicative and presentational skills that I learned while in the Global Cultures program, and also draw on cultural knowledge I acquired while at UCI. At Honda, I perform translation services for the American and Japanese staff. Often I translate during phone and video conferences. These are very important meetings as the Japanese and the American divisions are working toward global solutions. Honda has 40 factories around the world and sells cars in 80 countries. So the Global Solution serves many customers.

I also work on other projects assigned to me by the manager. My manager has been at Honda for over 30 years. I have created templates for our 3-year business plan, been involved in technical translation for new car validations, helped create a cost reduction plan for the department spending, and attended managers meetings to assist managers.

I am fortunate to keep in touch with my friends and classmates from Global Cutures. I think students in Global Cultures have stronger bonds than other majors, thanks in no small measure to its director (Dr. A. Schwegler). We had quarterly luncheons and other events, which enabled me to meet and interact with students, professors, as well as staff. I appreciate everything that Global Cultures offered me, and I am glad that I chose this major, as it has prepared me well for the professional life I now so much enjoy.

Update: Sachiko is now working for American Honda Motor Inc. in Torrance