Student Testimonial Detail

Dillon Kiel

I could not be happier with my Global Cultures degree from UCI, and the knowledge that I have gained from my coursework. For anyone interested in studying global issues from a variety of viewpoints (cultural, political, linguistic, economic), this is the major for you. Not only are the faculty excellent, but they come from various backgrounds. The major is perfect for anyone who likes having flexibility in his or her coursework. Students can take classes ranging from medieval literature to the political implications of globalization. The major essentially allows for a tailor-made degree, as there are only a few, but wonderful, obligatory core courses.

The major is also great for anyone who has an interest in studying foreign languages. A good portion of coursework is dedicated to the cultural impact of language, and there is also ample opportunity to utilize this information. Studying abroad fits perfectly with the Global Cultures major, and helps put the information learned in the classroom to work as you live and study in a place that you have been discussing in class. In my mind, studying abroad is one of the most important and exciting experiences of education, and structurally it is easy to accomplish with the Global Cultures major. I studied in Paris for six months. Every single one of my courses counted toward my major requirements. I lost no time while studying abroad, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Since graduating from UCI, I have gone on to complete an MPP (Master’s of Public Policy) program at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Though I have chosen to pursue public policy, I could have gone in almost any direction. The Global Cultures major prepared me with such a wide variety of knowledge that I feel confident that I could have easily applied for programs in sociology, journalism, law, culture studies, business, international affairs, and possibly economics, to name a few. Climate change and energy policy are now what I hope to work on, and I am currently pursuing a career in public service. I urge everyone to consider Global Cultures as a major. It is well worth it!

Update: "Dillon has just completed a Master degree of Public Policy at The George Washington University, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Washington."