Student Testimonial Detail

Adrienne Kibler

Majoring in Global Cultures at UCI was the best choice I made in my undergraduate studies. The program’s interdisciplinary approach allowed me to tailor my degree to my interests as well as provide the flexibility I needed to participate in a year long immersion travel abroad program in Padua, Italy. This element of freedom helped me sort out my personal and academic aspirations, and gave me the ability to pursue a career and life that I absolutely love.

Aside from its usefulness, Global Cultures was a joy to major in. I was able to bond with many of the other students in the major, and benefit from small class sizes, typically around 20 students. I much appreciated the professors’ passion and personal attention in all my classes.

I am currently in Cambodia, serving in the United States Peace Corps as an English teacher, a position which my studies at UCI helped prepare me for. My Global Cultures courses helped me from a multifaceted perspective, which is of the utmost importance to anyone entering the global workplace.

I would highly recommend the Global Cultures program to any students who enjoy innovation, passion, and challenge in their studies and want to be well prepared for both graduate school and the global job market.