Student Testimonial Detail

Christine Thraser

I had a fantastic experience in the Global Cultures major. It allowed me to take a variety of courses in different disciplines to broaden my understanding of world history, culture, and globalization. In addition to helping me develop useful critical thinking and communication skills, this major has also made me a more globally conscious and socially responsible person.

The faculty members in the major are some of the best that UCI has to offer. If you end up choosing Global Cultures, I would encourage you to get to know your professors well. The research opportunities, personal and academic support, and inspiration you will gain from these people will have an invaluable impact on your experience at UCI, as well as your future career and academic success.

Although it’s too early to report on my post-graduation experiences, I feel optimistic about the opportunities my education has given me. After I graduate, I will start an internship with PBS SoCal. I know that the skills and knowledge I gained from the Global Cultures major helped to secure this competitive internship. I am also currently applying to teach English abroad in Germany through the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant program. If I received the award, I will assist teaching English in a German high school from 2013-2014.

Ultimately, I hope to return to the United States to complete my PhD. My current research interests are German studies, bilingual/intercultural education, online learning, and conflict resolution.

If you are interested in hearing more about my experiences in the program, please feel free to contact me at