Hispanic, US Latino/a and Luso-Brazilian Cultures 

Winter 2007
Course Descriptions
AFAM 110 W. James Caribbean: Colonial-Emancipation
English 105 J. Lazo Chicano Literature
History 151A V.L. Ruiz Chicano/a History - 1900
History 161A J.E. Rodriguez Colonial Mexico
Lit Jrn 101BW J. Katz Crossing Borders
Spanish 110C Hernandez-Torres Caribbean Latina Writers
Spanish 150 M. Hamilton Immigration & Trauma In Spain
Anthro 121D S. O'Rourke X-Cult Stds Gender
Anthro 125X L. Chavez Immigrat Comp. Persp.
Chic. Lat 155 J. Vigil Culture Change And The Mexican People
Crim. Law 172 J. Vigil Culture Change And The Mexican People
Soc Sci 185W J. Okane People In Society
Intl. Std. 179 R. Duncan U.S. Intervention: Latin America
Intl. Std. 189 R. Duncan Latin America: Race And Ethnicity

Fall 2006
Spanish 100E J. Bruce-Novoa Chicano & US Latino Literature
Spanish 130C L. Cunningham City/Nation Lat Am Fic
Spanish 186 A. Amar Sanchez Racism & Immg Latin American Literature
Intl. Stud. 179 R. Duncan Cuban Society & Revolution
Anthro 162A S. Sarmiento Latin America: People & Culture

Spring 2006
Critism 100BW R. Lazo Lit of Americas
History 142A M.R. Davis California In Modern America
History 142B E. Luhr The Reagan Era
History 144G T. Thorne California Native American History
History 151B A. Chavez 20th C. Chicana/os
History 169 S. Menton

Latin America & Carib

Spanish 110B S. Menton Latin America & Carib
Spanish 110C A. Morales U.S. Latino Cultures
Anthro 138S R. Garfias Music Greater Mexico
Anthro 141A C. Drover Ancient Civilization Mex & South West
Anthro 169 S. Menton Latin America & Carib
Intl. Stud. 179 R. Chavira Latin American Populism
Intl. Stud. 179 R.H. Duncan Revolution: Latin America

Winter 2006
English 102C,B E. Tamarkin Class & Taste 19C US
History 161 C J.E. Rodriguez 20th Century Mexico
History 169 A J.M. Molina Christianity & Colonialism
History 169 B J.E. Rodriguez Spanish American History
Spanish 100C Hernandez-Torres Pre-Hispanic To Col
Spanish 130C A. Morales 20C Latin American Literature
Spanish 160 J. Bruce-Novoa Pancho Villa; Fict, Film, Hist
Spanish 186 J. Sefami 5 Maj Latin American Poets
Womn Std. 155 D. Vargas Chicana Feminisms

Fall 2005
History 151C V.L. Ruiz Latinas 20th Century US
History 169 R. Duncan Cuban Soc & Revolution
History 169 R. O'Toole Colonial Andean Socs: Btwn Rule & Resistance
Spanish 110B A. Amar Sanchez Latin America Literature & Mass Culture
Spanish 130C L. Cunningham Chilean Literature & Culture
Spanish 140A A. Morales Los Angeles in Chicano Narrative
Spanish 186 A. Morales 20thC Mex Narrative: Utopia to Dystopia

Spring 2005
Art His 165D T. Kranz Modern Latin American Art
Com Lit 103 A.P. Ferreira Fictions of Empire
Com Lit 105 A.M. Johnson Latin American Film & Hollywood
Criticism 100BW J.R. Lazo Imagining Americas
English 102C E. Tamarkin 19th Century US Lit
English 102D M.A. Goble US Modernism and Ethnicity
English 105 B. Thomas US Literature in the Age of Segregation
English 106 M. Goble Henry James and Edith Wharton
History 136B M.R. Davis Calif in Modern America
History 142B D.B. Igler History of the American West
History 144G R.M. Johnson American Environmental History
History 169 R.H. Duncan Race/Ethnic Latin America
History 190 A. Fahs U.S. in the 1890's
Spanish 100C Hernandez-Torres Pre-Hispanic to Col
Spanish 100E M. Lopez Chicano & US Latino Literature
Spanish 110C J. Bruce-Novoa Chicano Culture
Spanish 110C A. Morales U.S. Latino Cultures
Spanish 113A A. Schwegler Spanish Phonetics
Spanish 187 A. Schwegler Lat Am Spanish

Winter 2005
Comp Lit A.P. FerreiraLuso-Braz Shrt Story
History 151BV.L. Ruiz 20TH C Chicanas/os
History 169 R. H. Duncan US Intervention in Latin America
History 192WH.E. Tinsman Latam Cltre & Coldwar
Spanish 110B Hernandez-TorresHisp Caribbean Narratives At The End of the Century
Spanish 113AA. Schwegler

Spanish Phonetics

Spanish 130C J. SchwartzLatin American Avant-Garde

Fall 2004
English 105R. LazoLatino Literature
History 151AV.L. Ruiz Chicana/o History - 1900
History 169 S. MentonLatin America & Caribbean

Spring 2004
Art Hist 175C. CanejoModern Latin American Art
History 169H. Tinsman Latin American Women
History 169 P. ReichLAtin American Law
Spanish 100DA.M Amar-Sanchez19-20th Century LatinAmericna Literature
Spanish 100EJ. Bruce-Novoa Chicano & U.S. Latino Literature
Spanish 110BA.M. Amar-SanchezLatin American Literature & Mass Culture
Spanish 130C L. CunninghamGender & Reality in Latin American Fiction
Spanish 186 L. Cunningham Latin American Women Writers
Spanish 187A. SchweglerLatin American Spanish Language (Course taught in Spanish)
Soc Sci 172FR.A. FernandezLatin Amer Cult I
Soc Sci 176AR. FernandezAfro-Latin Amer Music
Soc Sci 189,BG.D. Canul Chic/Lat Thru Photo

Winter 2004
Com Lit 103A.FerreiraBrazilian Women Writers
Film Studies 160J. Bruce-NovoaLatin Americans in US Film
History 151BV.L. Ruiz 20th Century Chicanas/os
History 162S. C. TopikHistory of Brazil
History 169 R. DuncanCuba Society & Revolution
History 169 J.E. RodriguezIndependence in Spanish America
History 169S. MentonLatin American and Caribbean
Portuguese 121A. FerreiraBrazilian Women Writers
Spanish 100EStaffChicano & US Latino Literature
Spanish 110B


Hispanic-Caribbean Narrative
Spanish 110BS. Menton Latin America & Caribbean
Spanish 130C N. Nomez DiazModern Latin American Poetry

Spanish 142

K. ConcannonMovement, Art and Politics
Spanish 150 A. FerreiraBrazilian Women Writers
Spanish 160 J. Bruce-NovoaLatin Americans in US Film
Spanish 185G. NavajasThe City in the New Spanish Cinema
Anthro 169S. Menton Latin America & Caribbean
Intl. Stu. 179R. DuncanCuba Society and Revolution

Fall 2003
History 151AV. L. RuizChicano History: Precolonial to 1900
History 161AJ. RodriguezColonial Mexico
Spanish 100D L. Guerra-CunninghamIntro to 19-20th Centure Latin American Literature
Spanish 110AJ. Robbins Spanish Culture in the 1960's
Spanish 110C StaffChicano History
Spanish 116M. HamiltonLatin American Literatura Medieval de la Peninsula
Spanish 119 I. Hernandez-TorresText Analysis and Interpretation
Spanish 160 A.M. Amar SanchezLatin American Film & Literature
Spanish 185R. JohnsonNovel & Film of the Spanish Civil War
Spanish 186I. Hernandez-Torres Colonial Textualities
Anthro 137A L. ChavezRead Images Cultrly
Anthro 162A S. SarmientoLat Am: People & Culture
Pol Sci 126AL. DesipioMex-Amer & Politics

Spring 2003
History 169R. DuncanLec A: US Intervention: Latin America
Spanish 100CJ. SefamiPre-Hispanic to Colonial
Spanish 100DA.M. Amar SanchezIntro to 19-20th Century Latin American Literature
Spanish 100EM. LopezChicano & US Latino Literature
Spanish 110CM. CarsilloChicano History
Spanish 130CL. CunninghamGender & Reality in Latin American Fiction
Spanish 130CL. CunninghamChiliean Literature
Spanish 186 A.M. Amar SanchezReason, Passion, Mystery in the Twentieth Century Latin American Narrative
Spanish 187A. SchweglerLatin American Spanish Language (Course taught in Spanish)

Winter 2003
Art History 175J. PohlPre-Colombian Art of So. Mexico
History 161BJ. Rodriguez19th Century Mexico
History 169P. ReichLatin American Law
History 190EJ. Rodriguez20th Century Mexico
Spanish 100BJ. RobbinsCarribean Cultures/Hispanic Carribean Narratives at the End of the Century
Spanish 130AI. Hernandez-TorresColonial Latin American Lit: Engendering America
Spanish 130CJ. SefamiFive Major Latin American Poets
Spanish 130CA.M. Amar SanchezPostmodernism and Latin American Narrative
Spanish 130CJ. Bruce-Novoa20C Mexican Theater
Crm/Law J100J. VigilCulture, Chg., and Mexican People
Crm/Law J111

J. Vigil

Latinos in the Law
Crm/Law J130C.L. MaxsonSeminar on Gangs
Environ E143UL. Suarez-VillaSocial Ecology Borderland
Anthro 169J. PohlPre-Colombian Art
Pol Sci 159J.G. SamstadPolitics of Mexico
Pol Sci 129L. Garcia-BedollaLatinos in US Politics
Pol Sci 153AJ.G. SamstadLatin American Politics
Soc Sci 173HG.G. GonzalezHistory/Chicano Education
Soc Sci 173LL. DesipioLatino Global Society
Soc Sci 176AR. FernandezAfro-Latin American Music
Soc Sci 189J. CastellanosChicano/Latino Family

Fall 2002
Com Lit 103, Lec CJ. RobbinsHispanic Repr. of Guerrilla/Terrorism
History 151AV. RuizChicano History: Precolonial to 1900
History 161AJ. RodriguezColonial Mexico
Spanish 100AM. HamiltonMedieval & Golden Age Literature
Spanish 100BG. Navajas18-20th Century Span Literature
Spanish 100CHernandez-TorresPre-Hispanic to Col
Spanish 100DL. Cunningham19-20th Century Lat Amer Literature
Spanish 100EStaffChicano & US Latino Literature
Spanish 110AG. NavajasSp Lit & Film Today
Spanish 110BA.M. Amar SanchezLatin American Civilization
Spanish 116M. HamiltonMedieval Span Literature
Spanish 130CA. MoralesLatin American Narrative 1960+
Spanish 140AA. MoralesChicano Literature
Spanish 142StaffChicano Culture
Spanish 147A. Echevaria-MoralesChicano Culture
Spanish 150J. RobbinsLatin American in Translation
Anthro 141AS. SarmientoAncient Civ Mex & Sw
Pol Sci 126AL. DesipioMex-Amer & Politics

Spring 2002
Com Lit 103, Sec AEchevarria-MoralesA Comparative American Identities
Com Lit 103, Sec DA.P. FerreiraFictions of Empire
History 161CJ.E. Rodriguez20th Century Mexico
History 162S.C. TopikHistory of Brazil
History 190, Sec HH.E. TinsmanLat Am Sexualities
History 192W (E)J.E. Rodriguez20th Century Mexico
History 192W (G)S. TopikThe World of Coffee
Spanish 100CJ. SefamiPre-Hispanic to Col
Spanish 100DA.M. Amar-Sanchez19-20th Century Lat Amer Literature
Spanish 123J. RobbinsFederico Garcia Lorca
Spanish 131BL. CunninghamChilean Literature
Spanish 140AJ. Bruce-NovoaChicano Literature-Chicana Autobiographical Writing
Spanish 142J. Bruce-NovoaChicano Culture Mexican-American Cultural Practices - A problem-Solving Task
Spanish 165, Sec AG. NavajasThe New Myths of Nation
Spanish 165, Sec BP.J. SmithCinema of Almodovar
Spanish 185J. RobbinsBad Girls & Boy Girls
Spanish 186L. CunninghamLatin American Women Writers

Winter 2002
Hist 146CV. RuizLatinas in the Twentieth Century
Hist 151BV. RuizChicana/o History in the Twentieh Century
Hist 169J. RodriguezSpanish American Independence
Hist 190FJ. RodriguezTwentieh Century Mexico
Span 110BHernandez-TorresLatin American Civilization
Span 150H. AridjisMasterpieces of 20th Century Spanish American Literature

Fall 2001
Hist 151AV. RuizChicano/a History to 1900
Hist 169S. MentonLatin America and the Caribbean
Span 110BS. MentonIntro to 18-20th Century Spanish Literature
Span 110EStaffIntro to Chicano & US Latin American Literature
Span 130CA. SanchezLatin American Narrative 1960 +
Span 131CA. Echevarria-MoralesLatin American Theatre
Span 140AA. MoralesChicano Literature
Span 186A. SanchezLatin American Literature & Film

Spring 2001
Com Lit 105L. Garcia MorenoTales of Modernity in the Americas
History 148BO. ValerioLatinos and Popular Culture
History 161BJ.E. Rodriguez19th Century Mexico
History 169J.E. RodriguezIndependence/Span Amer
Spanish 100BJ. Robbins18-20th Century Spanish Literature
Spanish 100DA. Echevarria19-20th Century Lat Amer Literature
Spanish 100EC. Von SonChicano & US Latino Literature
Spanish 110AJ. VillegasMed-Surreal Spa Art
Spanish 110BI. Hernandez-TorresCulture and Identity in the Hispanic Caribbean (Cuba, Dominacan Republic, Puerto Rico)
Spanish 110CA. MoralesChicano History
Spanish 130CCunningham, L.Latin American Fiction: 1950+
Spanish 143S. FettaGender/Eth Chic Lit
WS 163C. EhrickWomen of Color

Winter 2001
Com Lit 100W, Sec AA. EchevarriaCaribbean Theater and Performance
Com Lit 100W, Sec BL. Garcia-MorenoWomen Writers in the Americas
History 151AO.S. ValerioChicano/a History to 1900
History 161AJ.E. RodriguezColonial Mexico
History 169AH. TinsmanModern Latin American Women
History 169CS. MentonLatin America & Caribbean
History 190EJ. Rodriguez19th Century Latin America
Portuguese 121A.P. FerreiraLuso-Brazilian Women Writers
Spanish 100AL. AvilesMedieval & Golden Age Literature
Spanish 100CHernandez-TorresPre-Hispanic to Col
Spanish 110BS. MentonLatin America & Caribbean
Spanish 110CA. MoralesChicano History
Spanish 123J. RobbinsWom Lit. 20th Century Spain
Spanish 130BL. Guerra-CunninghamLatin American Narrative: 1920-1960
Spanish 131BJ. Bruce-NovoaMexican Novel: 20th
Spanish 140AJ. Bruce-NovoaNew Mexican Contemporary Literature
Spanish 150A.P. FerreiraLuso-Brazilian Women Writers
Spanish 185L. AvilesDon Quixote
Spanish 186L. Guerra-CunninghamLatin America Women Writers

Fall 2000
History 151BStaff20th Century Chicanas/os
History 169StaffUrban Culture Latin America
History 190,DS. TopikHistory of Coffee
Spanish 100BP. Valero-Costa18-20th Century Spanish Literature
Spanish 100DL. Cunningham19-20th Century Latin American Literature
Spanish 100EStaffChicano & US Latino Literature
Spanish 116F. Diaz-JimenoMedieval Spanish Literature
Spanish 131AJ. SefamiSpanish-American Poetry
Spanish 131CStaffLatin American Theatre
Spanish 142A. MoralesChic Lat Autoiogra
Spanish 165G. NavajasCinema of Spain

Spring 2000
Anthro 141AC. SanchezAncient Civilization: Mexico & Southwest
CompLit 100WL. Garcia-Moreno20th Century Literature: Latin America
Span 123J. RobbinsSpanish Avantgarde
Span 130CL. CunninghamSpanish-American Fiction 1950-present
Span 131BL. CunninghamChilean Literature

Winter 2000
Hist 161CJ. Rodriguez20th Century Mexico
Hist 169R. WeinerWorld Economics & Latin America
Spanish 130BHernandez-TorresSpanish American Fiction: 1920-50
Spanish 131AY. AparicioSpanish American Poetry
Spanish 140AJ. Bruce-NovoaChicano Literature

Fall 1999
Hist 161BStaff19th Century Mexico
Hist 169StaffWorld Economy & Latin America
Span 123G. Navajas20th Century Spanish Literature
Span 130AL. Guerra-CunninghamSpanish-American Fiction: 1830-1920
Span 140BA. MoralesChicano Literature

Spring 1999
Span 100AL. AvilesIntro Medieval & Golden Age Spanish Literature
Span 122G. Navajas18th & 19th Century Spanish Literature
Span 130CL. Guerra-CunninghamLatin American Fiction: 1950 +
Span 160J. Bruce-NovoaLatin-American Image in Hollywood Film
Span 186I. Hernandez-TorresTropical Itineraries: Caribbean Latina Writers

Winter 1999
Span 110BI. Hernandez-TorresLatin-American Civilization & Culture Identity in the Hispanic Ca
Span 123J. Robbins20th Century Spanish Poetry
Span 130B L. Guerra-CunninghamLatin American Fictions: 1920-1950
Span 150A.P. FerreiraSpanish-American Literature in Translation
Span 185L. Aviles"Don Quixote"
Span 186A. MoralesLatin-American Short Novel

Fall 1998
Span 100C J. SefamiPre-19th Century Spanish American Literature
Span 100EA. MoralesChicano & US Latino History
Span 140AJ. Bruce-NovoaChicano Literature
Span 165GG. NavajasCinema of Spain
Span 185 J. RobbinsGender & Representation in Fascist Spain