Locating Europes and European Colonies

AFAM 110 W. James Caribbean: Colonial-Emancipation
Art His 103 M.M. Miles Greek Sanctuaries
Art His 121 L. Bauer Renaissance Venice
Art His 198 M.M. Miles Augustan Rome
Classics 170 Z. Giannopoulou Classical Civilization: Ancient Greek Sexuality
Com Lit 104 J.O. Newman Intro To European Studies: The Case of The Renaissance
English 102C A. Henderson Romantic Literature
English 102D M. Norris Anglo-American Modernism
Flm & MDA 110 E. Dimendberg Film & Media Theory
French 150 O. Zayed French Orientalisms
History 110C J.B. Given Europe, 1300-1500
History 120B T.N. Tackett French Revolution/Napoleon
History 130C D.J. Schroeter Jews And Muslims
History 135E P. Seed History Of Navigation
Russian 150 & Flm & Mda 160 L. Mjolsness New Russian Cinema
Wmn St 156A K. Kim Race And Gender
Anthro 121D S. O'Rourke X-Cult Stds Gender
Soc Sci 119 J. Brand Geography Of Europe
Soc Sci 185W J. Okane People In Society

Fall 2006
Art Hist. 114 A. Gonosova Gothic Art
Art Hist. 134B H. Gerbert Europe Art: 1789 - 1851
Art Hist. 198 A. Gonosova Art & Medieval Royalty
Comp. Lit 102W A.Schlichter Identity German Text
English 100 R. Kroll History Theory & Crit
English 101W H. Roberts Lyric Poetry
English 101W D. Pfeiffer Prose Before Novel
English 102A L. Georgianna Epic & Romance
English 103 L. Georgianna Women & Religion Med Eng
English 103 A. Kroll Bloomsbury
English 103 R. Terada Romantic Prose
English 106 D. Pfeiffer Humanist Texts
English 106 H. Roberts Wordsworth
English 106 A. Henderson Shakespeare
Flm & Mda 114 K. Evers Holocaust/Lit/Film
French 150 S. Hamilton French & Francophon Women's Lit Translation
German 150 K. Evers Representing The Unthinkable: The Holocaust In Lit.
History 117A L.M. Hill Tudor England
History 120C S. B. Farmer France/19th Century
History 122B R.G. Moeller Hitler And Germans
History 128A H. Chenut Women & Gender E. Mod Eur
History 190 L.M. Hill 17th Century Brit Concept
History 190 S. B. Farmer Europe: Urban Rural Soc.
Latin 100A C. Claxton Latin Prose
Rel. Stud. 106 L. Georgianna Women & Religion Med
Russian 150 L. Mjolsness 19th Century Russian Literature
Spanish 100B G. Navajas 18 - 20th Century Span. Lit.
Spanish 160 G. Navajas New Span Cinema
Womn. St. 170 S. Hamilton French Wmn/Trnsl
Womn. St. 171 H. Chenut Wmn & Gndr E. Mod Eur.

Spring 2006
Art Hist. 107 M.M. Miles Ancient Pompeii
Art Hist. 110 A. Gonosova The Medieval City
Art Hist. 123 G.C. Bauer Van Eyck To Bosh
Art Hist 134D J. Maxim Europe Art: 1907-1940
English 102D L. O'Connor Irish Modernism
English 102C H. Roberts Romantic Revolution
English 102B J.E. Lewis Anatomies Of Power
English 106 R. Helfer Shakpre Hist Plays
French 101C C. Noland Intro To French Lit: Writers On Writing
French 120 D. Carroll Fictions Of The Self
French 127 P. Barbe Mediterranee Et Lit
French 150B C. Noland Black Paris/Noir Paris
German 120 E. Wessell Chaos And Tyranny
German 150 G. Levine Cuisine As Culture
History 112B L.M. Hill Reformation Europe
History 114 G. Levine Cuisine As Culture
History 118C D.M. Haynes Modern Britain: 1930 To Present
History 120D S.B. Farmer France: 20th Century
History 135E P. Seed Anc World To Renaissance
History 190 L.M. Hill Early Mod Europe
Russian 150 L. Mjolsness Dostoevsky & The Novel
Anthro. 164P P. Garb Post Soviet EuroAsia
Int. Stud. 179 P. Garb Post Soviet EuroAsia
Poli Sci. 154F P. Garb Post Soviet EuroAsia

Winter 2006
Art His 103 M.M. Miles Ancient Athens
Art His 112 A. Gonosova Late Roman/Early Byzantine
Art His 121 L. Bauer Age of Michelangelo
Classics 140 C. Sogno Fall Of The Roman Republic
Classics 160 M. Goldman Ancient Novel and Influence
Com Lit 104,C J. Newman Intro to European Studies
English 102,B J. Lewis Virtues and Vices
English 102C,A I. Tucker Victorian Literature
English 103, B A. Van Sant Defoe
English 106, B N. Freeland Fictions of Industrial Revolution
English 106, C J. Steintrager Hogarth
English 106, D D. Pfeiffer Humanist Prose
English 106, E A. Kroll The 60's In England
Flm&Mda 160,B N. Fornabai French Cinema/Criticism
French 118 S. Gearhart Politic Opposition/Fr Enlightment
French 120 C. Noland Fetishism In Literature And Art
French 160 N. Fornabai French Cinema/Criticism
German 150 W.J. Lillyman Romantic Fairytales
History 114 H. Chenut European Consumer Society
History 115, A L.M. Hill Europe: 1350 - 1750
History 118, B D.M. Haynes Britain 1850 - 1930
History 120, E T.N. Tackett History of Paris
History 123, C C.P. Boyd 20th Century Spain
History 126, B S.B. Farmer World War II Era
History 190, E U. Strasser Mysticism Midage - Baroque
History 190, F T.N. Tackett French Revolution
Latin 104 C. Sogno Latin Poetry: The Aeneid
Russian 150 TBA The Other Europe
Spanish 110A J. Robbins Post - Franco Span
Spanish 113A A. Schwegler Spanish Phonetics
Spanish 123 G. Navajas 20C Spanish Lit, Film, Hist

Fall 2005
Art His 114 A. Gonosova Romanesque Art
Art His 198 M.M. Miles Greek Temples
Art His 198 A. Gonosova Medieval Monasteries
English 102A E.G. Allen Pleasure & Doctrine
English 102B V.A. Silver Pastoral
English 106 L.M. Georgianna Chaucer & Love
English 106 J. Steintrager Rakes & Harlots
English 106 E. Allen Medieval Drama
French 119 S. Hamilton Society In The 19th Century French Novel
Frenc 150 P. Barbe French Colonialism & Racism
German 101 K. Evers Intro Literature & Culture
German 120 A. Biendarra German Lit of 1990's
German 150 J.H. Smith Marx, Nietsche, Freud
History 110A Staff Europe: 400 - 900
History 118A D.M. Haynes Britain 1700 - 1850
History 124A L.M. Mally Russian Empire: 1689 - 1905
History 126A C.P. Boyd World War I Era
History 190 R.G. Moeller The Holocaust
Philosophy 113 A. Nelson Empiricism
Philosophy 130 B. Kent Kant's Ethics
Philosophy 132 S.N. Jolley Social Contract Theory
Spanish 100B G. Navajas 18 - 20 th C. Spanish Literature
Spanish 160 G. Navajas Contemp Spanish Cinema & European & Hollywood Industry
Spanish 185 A.P. Ferreira Portuguese Literature for Spanish Majors
Spanish 187 J. Kempff Spanish Morphosyntax
Poli Sci 152C R. Dalton German Politics and Society
Poli Sci 159B Y. Tverdova System Chance & Institution in Post-Communist Europe

Spring 2005
Criticism 100BW E.G. Allen Heresy & Revolt
English 102A V.A. Silver Early Moden Self
English 102B J.M. Lewis Paradise Lost & After
English 103 L.M. Georgianna Women & Religion
English 106 L.M. Georgianna Rise of Romance 12C
English 106 A.J. Van Sant Austen
Englsih 106 A.K. Henderson Poetry Themes/Tech
French 116 R. Regosin Death/Renaissance
French 119 E. Burt Symbolism
French 150 S. Gearhart Europe: Modernity/PostModernity
German 130 K. Evers Villains & Monsters
History 110C J.B. Given Europe, 1300 - 1500
History 124B L. Mally 20th Century Russia
History 126C S. Sayegh Cold War & After
Spanish 123 J. Robbins Federico G. Lorca

Winter 2005
Art Hist 112A. GonosovaMedieval Architecture 1000-1200
Art Hist 125G. Bauer Italian Baroque Art
Art Hist 198A. GonosovaArt & Medieval Royalty
Comp Lit 103R. RegosinMadness in the Renaissance
Comp Lit 103LillymanRomantic Fairytales
Comp Lit 103B. ShroffAsnam Lit/Film Adapt
Comp Lit 104L. Aviles Concept Of Europe
Criticsim 100BW M.C. NorrisNarrotology & Joyce
Criticism 100BW A.K. HendersonGenres in Transition
English 102A E.G. AllenChaucer/Gawain Poet
English 102B J. Lewis Literature of (The) Enlightenment
English 102C H.J. RobertsRomanticism and Failure: The Young Romantics
English 106E.G. Allen Chaucer Cant Tales
English 106 R. TeradaIdeas of Tragedy
English 106 D. PfeifferRenaissance Prose
Flm & Mda 160P. BarbeColonialism & Cinema
French 119S. HamiltonRepresenting the French Revolution
French 120D. Carroll Fiction and War
French 160 P. BarbeCinematic Representation of French Colonization and
German 119T.P. Saine Kleist & Buechner
German 150 W.J. LillymanRomantic Fairytales
HIstory 110 J. GivenEurope in the Central Middle Ages
History 117BL.M. Hill Stuart England
History 120BT. TackettThe French Revolution
History 126BS. FarmerWorld War II Era
History 192W S. FarmerEurope: War & Memory
History 192W L.M. HillEuropean Reformations
Russian 150 L. MJolsnessNew Russian Cinema
Spanish 121 L. Aviles Spain and its other

Fall 2004
Art His 114A. GonosovaGothic Art
Art His 120G. BauerBruegel to Rubens
Art His 121L. BauerRenaissance Venice
Art His 198G. BauerVermeer
Com Lit 103J.T. Chiampi Renaissance Epic
Com Lit 103E.S. BurtLiterature & Decadence
English 106E.G. Allen Middle English Romance
English 106 L.M. Georgianna Fall of Troy
English 106 H.J. Roberts Keats
French 101A P. BarbeIntroduction to French Literature
French 119N. FornabaiFrench Science and Scientific Fictions
French 120P. Barbe Duras et Djebar
German 101 K. EversIntroduction to Literature & Culture
German 120E. Wessell1870-1914: Modernism
History 117AL.M. Hill Tudor England
History 118D.M. Haynes Britain 1850 - 1930
History 190 S.B. FarmerEurope: War & Memory
Russian 150 L. WheelerHollywood & Russian Literature
Spanish 100AM. HamiltonMedieval & Golden Age Literature
Spanish 110AG. Navajas Medieval Spanish Art & Intellectual History
Spanish 160 G. NavajasNew Spanish Cinema

Spring 2004
Com Lit 103J.H. SmithDamned Heroes
Com Lit 104S. GearheartIdea of Europe: Modernity/Postmodernity
English 102BJ. Steintrager Encounters & Exploits
English 102D L. O'ConnorIrish Modernism
Humanities 101B S. GearheartIdea of Europe: Modernity/Postmodernity
German 120 T.P. SaineBertolt Brecht
German 150 J.H. SmithDamned Heroes: Faust, Don Juan, and Others
History 115CL. Mally Europe: 20th Century
History 118BD.M. HaynesBritain 1850-1930
History 126B S.B. FarmerWorld War II
History 192W J.B. GivenMedieval Heresy
History 192W L.M. HillOrigins British Empire
Spanish 100A M. HamiltonMedival & Golden Age Literature

Winter 2004
Art Hist 107M. M. MilesRoman Architecture
Art Hist 112A. Gonosova Medieval & Late Byzantine Art
Art Hist 134EF. ScottModen Architecture 1750 - 1945
Art Hist 198A. Gonosova Gothic Cathedral
Com Lit 101A. GelleyPhenomenology and Deconstruction
Com Lit 102A. WarminskiReading Lyric Poetry
Com Lit 103L. D. WheelerDostoevsky & Novel
Com Lit 104L. AvilesConcept of Europe
English 102AM.E. SanchezRace and Gender in the English Renaissance
English 102BJ.R. DenmanRestoration Literature
English 102C H.J. RobertsThe Romantic Revolution
English 103 J. C. Christensen The Romantic Novel
English 106L. O'ConnorContemporary Irish Poetry
English 106V.A. Silver Milton
Humanitites 101AL. Aviles Concept of Europe
French 110 R. RegosinThe Social Mask
French 120 D. CarrollNovels of the Self
German 120 I.V.D. LueheKafka
History 114 S. AltshulerEuropean Jewry/Holocaust
History 115B D.M. HaynesEurope: 1750-1870
History 118A D.M. HaynesBritain 1700 - 1850
History 120DS. FarmerFrance: 20th Century
History 126C P. MInehanCold War & After
History 128A U. StrasserWomen & Gender Early Modern Europe: 1400 - 1700
History 190A. Epstein US Perceptions of Asia
History 190 L.M. HillOrigins of the British Empire
History 192WS. FarmerEurope: War & Memory
History 192WT.N. Tackett French Revolution
Russian 150 L.D. WheelerDostoevsky & Novel
Anthro 138,OR. GarfiasOttoman: Mus & Soc

Fall 2003
Art History 114A. GonosovaGothic Architecture
Art History 120G. Bauer Renaissance & Baroque Prints
Art History 198M.M. MilesThe Parthenon
Art History 198L. Bauer Michelangelo
French 118S. GearhartPhilosophy in the Boudoir
French 119N. Fornabai The Fantastic Tale
German 101 l.v.d. LueheIntroduction to Geman Literature and Culture
German 130G. Levine German-Jewish Literature and Culture
German 139WT.P. SaineMyths, Gods, and Hereos: Reading and Writing about Early Gemanci Culture
History 115AL. HillEurope 1350-1750
History 120CS. Farmer France/19th Century
History 126A C. BoydWorld War I Era: 1900-1939
History 128BU. StrasserSex and Society: E Mod Europe
History 190T. Tackett Col E: French Revolution
Russian 150 D. Kujundzic St. Petersburgh
Spanish 150 M. HamiltonFrame Tale Medieval Spanish Literature
Pol Sci 159A.J. McGann European Politics

Spring 2003
Art History 114A. GonosovaGothic Art
English 102BH. OesterheldPope & Swift
English 102CH. Roberts Romanticism and Failure: The Second Generation
Comp Lit 104, Sec AD. CarrollNational Identity & The Idea of Europe: Nationalism, Colonialism, Multiculturalism
English 106, Sec AL. GeorgiannaFour Medieval Women of Style
French 150D. CarrollSame as Comp Lit 104,Sec A (see above)
German 118T. P. Saine18th Century German Drama & Poetry
History 114,Lec BP. MinehanPower & Conflict in Europe, 1815-1945
History 124BL. Mally20th Century Russia
History 190H. MaurerCol A: Medieval Queenship
Philosophy 112E. BencivengaMachiavelli
Philosophy 113A. NelsonDescartes
Spanish 110AM. HamiltonMedieval Iberia, Espana de Las Tres Culturas
Spanish 121A. AvilesEarly Moden Short Narratives

Winter 2003
Art History 112A. GonosovaLate Rome/Early Byzantine Art
Art History 128G. BauerThe Age of Rembrandt
Criticism 100BW DH. LegrasRise and Fall of the Transcendental Subject
Com Lit E102 AM. SanchezReligion, Magic, & Soverignty in Early Mdrn England
Com Lit E102 BH. OesterheldSatire & Sensibility in the 18th Century
Com Lit 103AW. LillymanRomantic Fairy Tales
Com Lit 103BR. RegosinMadness and the Renaissance
Com Lit 103CM. HamiltonMedieval Spanish Literature
English 103AV. SilverShakespeare's Conflicted Universe
Com Lit 104AJ. NewmanIntro to European Studies: Idea of Europe in Renaiss.
English 106AM. NorrisJames Joyce's Ulysses
English 106BM. SanchezBritish Pastoral Romance
English 106CS. GuyerRomantic Autobiography
Film Studies 160L. WheelerNew Russian Cinema
Film Studies 190W. BialasNazism in Film
French 120D. CarrollHistory and the Novel
French 150R. RegosinMadness and the Renaissance
French 171J. CulbertLiterature and Daily Life
German 130J. RieckmannGerman Erzaehlungen
German 150W. LillymanRomantic Fairy Tales
History 110FH. MaurerEngland--The War of Roses
History 114W. BialasStalin and Hitler
History 117BL. HillStuartt England
History 124AL. MallyRussian Empire (1869-1905)
History 126CP. MinehanCold War and After
History 190AS. FarmerCity and Country (Moder Eu)
History 190BJ. GivenThe Crusades
Philosophy 114S. FaubleNietzsche
Philosophy 120M. MontagueUniversals Debate
Philosophy 123W. BristowFaith and Reason
Philosophy 132N. JolleySocial Contract
Russian 150L. WheelerNew Russian Cinema
Spanish 150M. HamiltonLiterature in Translation/ Sex, Women, and Beauty in the Literature of Medieval Iberia
Spanish 160G. NavajasSpanish Film of the Young: The Break from History
Pol Sci 138AWK.R. MonroeMoral Choice: Holocaust

Fall 2002
Art History 114A. GonosovaMedieval Architecture 1000 - 1200
Art History 121L. BauerThe Age of Michelangelo
Art History 123G. BauerVan Eyck to Bosch
Art History 198G. BauerCaravaggio
French 160P. BarbeCinematic Representation of French Colonization and Decolonization
German 102BW. BialasUnderstanding Nazism and The Holocaust
German 150T.P. SaineReligion, Science and Philosophy: The Enlightenment Debate
History 112DU. StrasserSex & Society: Early Modern Europe
History 114AD. HaynesThe End of Empire
History 117AL. HillTudor England
History 190GU. StrasserPolitics & Gender, Early Modern World
Russian 150D. KujundzicVampires in Literature and Film
Spanish 100AM. HamiltonIntro to Medieval & Golden Age Spanish Literature
Spanish 110AG. NavajasSpanish Literature & Film of Today
Spanish 116M. HamiltonMedieval Spanish Literature

Spring 2002
Art History 121G. BauerItalian Renaissance Art
Art History 198A. GonosovaMedieval Sicily
Spanish 165G. NavajasThe New Myths of the Nation
Spanish 185J. RobbinsBad Girls and Boy Girls: Women Artists Who Break The Rules

Winter 2002
Human 101AJ. NewmanThe Idea of Europe
Eng 102D. L. O'ConnorIrish Modernism
Film Stu 160R.A. GuinsBritish National Cinema: From the New Wave to "Cool Britannia"
Hist 118BD. HaynesModern Britain: The long Nineteenth Century
Hist 114B. L. HillIreland: BC to EU
Hist 120CS. FarmerFrance In the Nineteenth Century
Hist 123BC. BoydImperial Spain
Hist 190GT. TackettFrench Revolution
Span 110AM. HamiltonMedieval Iberia: Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Medieval Spain

Fall 2001
Art History 125L. BauerGolden Age Spain
English 102DN. FreelandLiterature and Empire
Film Stu 160P. BarbeCultural Stereotypes in French Film
French 101AS. GearhartIntroduction to French Literature
French 117S. GearhartSeventeenth Century French Literature
French 119E. BurtLives of Poets
French 150L. RabineLiterature and Anthropology
History 114BT. TackettModern Paris
Histroy 118AD. HaynesModern Britain
History 190AR. MoellerThe Holocaust
Russian 150L. WheelerRussian Revolutionary Art: The Great Experiment
Spanish 110AJ. RobbinsSpanish Culture: La Movida Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll

Spring 2001
Art History 125G. BauerCaravaggio & Rome
Film Studies 115G. MontiBertolucci
French 118S. GearhartLiterature and Political Opposition
French 160D. CarrollThe French New Wave: Film as Personal Expression, Social Criticism, Cultural Memory
Italian 101AJ. ChiampiItalian Literature
History 190AW. Bialas20th Century German Intelligence
Phil 114W. BristowHegel
Spanish 110AJ. VillegasMedieval-Surreal Spanish Art

Winter 2001
Art History 133CJ. HerbertEuropean Art: 1900 -1940
Com Lit 103, Sec CD. KujundzicThe Other Europe and The Fictions of National Identity
French 119L. BouvierBohemians and Addicts
French 125P. BarbeFrancophone Literature and Culture
French 150R. RegosinFate and Fortune in Renaissance
German 130Jens RieckmannArthur Schnitzler and Viennese Modernism
German 150W. BialasRepresenting the Holocaust
History 114AW. Bialas 20th Century German Intellectual History 1900 -1945
History 116BJ. GivenEngland in the Later Middle Age
History 117BL. HillStuart England
History 120AK. JacobsonEarly Modern France
Spanish 123J. Robbins20th Century Spanish Lit
Spanish 185J. AvilesCervantes "Don Quixote"

Fall 2000
Art History 107M. M. MilesAncient Rome
Art History 114A. GonosovaGothic Architecture
Art History 121L. BauerRenaissance Venice
E102AV. SilverEarly Modern Self
E102BA.J. Van SantRestoration and Revolution: British Lit. 1660 -1700
E102CH. RobertsRomanticism and Failure: The Second Generation
Com Lit 103, Sec AE. BurtThe Figure of the Dandy
Com Lit 103, Sec BJ. ChiampiDante
English 103, Sec AR. NewsomVictorian Subjects: Living with the Law
French 119E. BurtRomantic Poetry
French 150S. GearhartLiterature and Existentialism
German 150, BT.P. SaineLaw and Lawlessness
History 116J. GivenEngland/Early Middle Age
History 117AL. HillTudor England
History 126AStaffWorld War I Era
History 127AStaffEnlightenment Europe
History 190DU. StrasserWomen & Gender in Early Modern Europe
Russian 150WD. KujundzicDostoevsky and Nietzsche
Spanish 116F. Diaz-JimenoMedieval Spanish Literature
Spanish 165G. NavajasThe Cinema of Spain

Spring 2000
Art Hist 133BJ. HerbertEuropean Art 1851 - 1907
Classics 160D. SuttonComedy in Translation
Classics 170Santoro L'HoirDeath in Ancient Rome
English 102BB. ReedColonial American Literature
Film Stu 160P. BarbeFrenchness & Stereotypes
German 118U. SteinerEnlightenment in Germany
German 150AR. GrayFreud & Modern German Literature
History 105CR. FrankThe Classical Tradition
History 118CD. HaynesModern Britain: 1930 - Present
History 120DH. ChenutTwentieth Century France

Winter 2000
Classics 140D. FrankAugustan Rome
Hist 105BR. FrankLater Roman Empire
Hist 114BD. HaynesEnd of the British Empire

Fall 1999
Art Hist 103M. MilesAncient Athens
Art Hist 121L. BauerThe Age of Michelangelo
Classics 140R. FrankPericlean Athens
Classics 160StaffTopics in Classical Literature
Eng 105AJ. RowePostmodernism & Multiculturalism
Hist 105AR. FrankEarly Roman Empire
Hist 110AH. MaurerEarly Medieval Europe
Hist 118AD. HaynesBritain 1700 - 1850

Spring 1999
Art Hist 133CJ. HerbertSymbolism through Cubism, 1880 - 1920
Classics 160W. DonlanReading Homer's Iliad (in English)
Classics 170C. ClaxtonWomen in Ancient Greece
French 160D. CarrollImages of Colonialism and Postcolonialism in French and Francophone Film
Hist 110CJ. GivenEurope 1300 - 1500

Winter 1999
Art Hist 107M. MilesArt of Pompeii
Art Hist 114A. GonosovaRomanesque Art
Hist 105BR. FrankLater Roman Empire
Hist 112DJ. Given Europe 900 - 1300

Fall 1998
Art Hist 103M. MilesAge of Alexander
Classics 160WD. SuttonGreek Tragedy
Classics 175R. FrankBlack Athena
History 105AR. FrankEarly Roman Empire
History 118CD. HaynesModern Britain: 1930 to Present