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GESTOS is considered one of the most important journals on Latin American, Spanish and U.S. Latino Theater. Universities from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, South Africa, South Australia, Spain, Sweden, and the United States are subscribed.

What follows is a brief description and history of the journal and its site.

GESTOS was founded in 1986 by Juan Villegas with the objective of stimulating theoretical studies about theatre, to integrate and establish dialogue among specialists of various disciplines, to introduce unpublished dramatic texts and to provide materials for future histories of theatre. Another of its objectives was to promote a larger integration between the theaters of Spain, Latin America and Latins in the United States. With time, it was deemed necessary to expand the scope to Portugal and Brazil.

GESTOS appears in April and November of every year. Each issue includes essays in both Spanish and English. Subscriptions are annual. To date, 37 issues have been published. If you would like information regarding subscriptions, please, go to subscriptions.

Occasionally monographic numbers are published.

GESTOS is associated to the Irvine Hispanic Theatre Research Group and also co-sponsers the annual conference on hispanic theatre at the University of California, Irvine.

Each issue is organized in four sections: Essays, Text, Documents for the history of theatre, and Book Reviews.

In the ESSAYS section the intention is to promote the development of dramatic and theatrical theories within the cultural spaces of the journal. Although the specific dimension of all essays is their theoretical component, in each number one or two essays are strictly theoretical. This section, usually in English, is valuable to any scholar working on theory of drama or performance theory.

In the TEXTS section playwrights published include: Griselda Gambaro, Hugo Salcedo, Eduardo Rovner. Antonio Gala, Jorge Díaz, Rodolfo Usigli, Fanny Buitrago, Alfonso Sastre, Osvaldo Dragún, Sergio Arrau, Roberto Ramos-Perea, Vicente Leñero, Guillermo Schmidhuber, Enrique Buenaventura, Fernando Arrabal, José Triana, Antonio Ruiz Onetti, Cristina Escofet, Manuel Puig, and Concha Romero. For specific plays go to PLAYS.

THE HISTORY OF THE THEATRE includes information about theatrical activities, news about what occurs in Hispanic theatre in diverse parts of the world, interviews or reproduction of documents. The magazine relies on correspondents in numerous countries, who send information about theatrical activities in the respective spaces.

The section REVIEWS concentrates on commentary of books about theoretical aspects of theater and books on Latin American, Spanish or U.S. Latino theaters.

For more information: GESTOS. Department of Spanish and Portuguese. University of California, Irvine, CA 92697. Telephone (949) 533-0209. E-mail: