Jennifer Terry clarifies the symbiosis of biomedicine and the war machine.

Department: Gender and Sexuality Studies

Post Date: February 18, 2020

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"Talkbits on Civil War: Biomedicine in Parts" features GSS Professor and Chair Jennifer Terry. You can listen to the UCHRI Podcast here!

“The fact that medicine and medical practice and medical philosophy stages itself so much as a mixture of secular redemption (has all the dreams of total control; it can claim, also, fundamentally humane qualities because it is intended to care for the sick and wounded), but it also has this additional possibility for us, which is not just to create a sense of wholeness of the nearly-destroyed body, or the barely-surviving body, but (and this is the part about prosthetics that is so key) it dreams of a superhuman capacity, something that exceeds the limits of the even perfectly healthy body […] exceeding nature’s limitations.”