Date Time Program Title
02/18/2011:30 AMGender and Sexuality StudiesHighlights of UCI GSS Student Zines
02/14/2001:30 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesTRANSLINGUAL, TRANSGENDER: Undoing Prefixial Ontologies Featured talk by Dr. David Gramling
02/04/2012:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesNecessity: Oil, Water, and Climate Resistance Film Screening & Discussion
01/16/2004:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesSonic Gardens, Black Women's Subjectivity, and the Limits of Genre: Minnie Riperton's Come to My Garden (1970)
12/04/1904:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesGraduate Feminist Emphasis Open House
11/19/1904:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesA Troubling Proposal: Slowing Down the Humanitarian Ethical Response to Landmines
11/12/1903:30 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesENGENDERING RESISTANCE: An Art Installation & Dialogue on Gender Identity in Childhood
10/30/1904:00 PMGender and Sexuality Studies"She stood there by him with a gun": Mabel Williams and the Philosophy of Armed Resistance
10/15/1903:30 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesGSS Department Open House
06/05/1903:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesDept of Gender & Sexuality Studies End of the Year Academic Celebration
05/31/1909:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesHedwig and the Angry Inch
05/29/1912:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesSounding Out: Olivia Records and the Politics of Lesbian Separatism
05/22/1904:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesBeets, Blood, Letters: The Chualar Crash and Mexican Women's Critique of Labor and Expectation
05/15/1904:00 PMGender and Sexuality Studies"Bringing the War Home": Visual Aftermaths and Domestic Disturbances
04/30/1910:30 AMGender and Sexuality StudiesQA in Review
04/12/1911:00 AMGender and Sexuality StudiesGSS Citational Politics & Practice Workshop
04/10/1905:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesFilm Screening: Our Bodies Our Doctors, Featuring a Q&A with the Director
02/06/1902:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesQueer Worlds: the February 2019 Off the Shelf & OUT On Display exhibit
01/23/1912:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesMarked Women: The Cultural Politics of Cervical Cancer in Venezuela A Lecture by Dr. Rebecca Martinez
01/17/1905:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesThe Times of Harvey Milk
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