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The Film and Video Center is run from the School of Humanities and the Program in Film Studies from the University of California, Irvine.
Our mission is to provide Orange County with quality, original works of art unavailable anywhere else, to promote film and video making and create a culture receptive to new and unique movie-going experiences.

We do not make a profit on our film programs, and depend on your support and participation to continue to grow and prosper. For the first time, we are offering the chance to join our team. Become a Friend of the Film and Video Center and support the arts in Orange County. If you attend our screenings often, this membership will reward you with savings and benefits. Even if you can’t make it out that often, your donations are a welcome show of support to allow us to offer more films, more special guests and higher visibility across Orange County and Southern California in the future.

Minimum donation rates:


UCI Staff/Seniors
$25: series pass $20: series pass $15: series pass
$60: year pass $50: year pass $35: year pass
$90: year pass +1 $80: year pass +1 $50: year pass +1

Year passes are valid for 365 calendar days from the date of purchase.

Normal admission is $6 General Admission, $5 Seniors, $4 Staff/Seniors, and $3 Students.

The Film and Video Center averages between 10 and 12 screenings per series, with film and video programs running in Fall, Winter and Spring.

To become a Friend of the Film and Video Center, send a donation via check payable to the UC Regents or donate cash or check at a FVC screening.

Friends’ names will be kept on file at screenings and Thank Yous will be posted in our Winter and Spring calendars.