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selected stills from previous films

School Year 2004-2005

Vietnamese International Film Festival (shown Spring 2005)

Untold Scandal (shown Spring 2005)

Akaso in Ruby Shoes (shown Spring 2005)

Latin American Film Festival (shown Spring 2005)

Mutiny: Asians Storm British Music (shown Spring 2005)

Chocolat (shown Spring 2005)

For Openers
For Openers: The Art of Film Titles with Director David Peters
(shown Winter 2005)

Bright Leaves (shown Winter 2005)

Sopyonje with Director Im Kwon-Taek (shown Winter 2005)

The Conformist (shown Winter 2005)

Wing Chun (shown Winter 2005)

Dance for the Camera Film Festival (shown Fall 2004)

Bao Gio Cho Den Thang Muoi (When The Tenth Month Comes)
(shown Fall 2004)

Peep “TV” Show (shown Fall 2004)

Take Care of My Cat (shown Fall 2004)

School Year 2003-2004