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Archive: Spring 2005

Vietnamese International
Film Festival

The 2nd Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF) will run from April 7 - 10 and from 14 -17, 2005. The eight-day festival presents 37 films, including shorts and features, produced and shot in the U.S., Canada, France, Belgium, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, and Australia. Invoking the theme Beyond Boundaries, the films explore a wide range of subject matters including immigrant narratives, new and aging generations, hyphenated identity, and re-piecing family and tradition in the aftermath of the war. Highlights of the film festival include Minh Nguyen-Vo’s Buffalo Boy, an epic coming-of-age story currently sweeping the international film circuit with awards; original documentaries like Duc Nguyen’s Cuban saga Mediated Reality and Trinh Nguyen’s herbal secrets Tiger's Apprentice; events to recognize renowned filmmaker/scholar Trinh T. Minh-ha; a spotlight program on actor Long Nguyen (Green Dragon, First Morning, Running in Tall Grasses); and a retrospective on the award-winning Cyclo, directed by Tran Anh Hung.

Most screenings will take place at UCI Film and Video Center (FVC), but the festival in its entirety takes place in various locations throughout Southern California. Please visit the official Vietnamese International Film Festival Web Site for more information and details on the complete screening program.

SET 3: Citizen of Nowhere
Saturday April 9 • HIB 100 • 3 - 5:30pm

• From There to Here Vu Tran • 33 min • USA
• Mediated Reality Duc Nguyen • 45 min • USA/Cuba
• Discussion: From Little Havana to Little Saigon • 30 min
• Q&A Session

Saturday April 9 • HIB 100 • 7 - 9pm

Spirits (Oan Hoan) Victor Vu 105 min USA
• Q&A Session

SET 5: Lovas and Hatas
Sunday April 10 • HIB 100 • Noon - 2pm
Senior Citizen Day: 60+ free admission

• Revenge 7.2 Billy-Vu Lam 2 min USA
• Destination: Heaven Billy-Vu Lam 2 min USA
• The Hunt Billy-Vu Lam 3 min USA
• A Silent Night Andy Nguyen 11 min Vietnam/USA
• Color Blind Ethan Tran 10 min USA
• Cost of Life Steven Nguyen 6 min USA
• Walking Distance Anthony H Nguyen 31 min USA
• What's for Dinner, Dear? John Nguyen 4 min USA
• Running in Tall Grasses Howard Duy Vu 15 min USA
• Q&A Session

SET 6: Tracing Traditions
Sunday April 10 • HIB 100 • 3:30 - 5:30pm
Senior Citizen Day: 60+ free admission

Urge Siu Ta 10 min Canada
Taay Noouoc Maem Nguyean Ninh Nhan 9 min France
Journey from the Fall Featurrette Tran Quang Ham 10 min USA
Tiger's Apprentice Trinh Nguyen 57 min USA
• Q&A Session

SET 7: Journey of Yellow Skin: Spotlight on Actor/Artist Long Nguyen
Sunday April 10 • HIB 100 • 7 - 9pm
Senior Citizen Day: 60+ free admission

SunShine Nguyean Nouc Minh 20 min USA
Running in Tall Grasses Howard Duy Vu 15 min USA
Apsara Colin McGreal 27 min Cambodia
• Clips from Journey, Green Dragon, Heaven and Earth, First Morning
• Q&A Session

UCI FVC Special Event: A Tribute to Trinh T. Minh-ha
Thursday April 14 • HIB 135 • 4 - 10pm

4:00pm-6:00pm Panel Discussion with Trinh T. Minh-ha (Free)
6:00pm-7:00pm Reception
7:00pm-9:00pm Night Passage Trinh T. Minh-ha 118 min USA, 2004
9:00pm-9:30pm Q&A Session

Born in Vietnam, Trinh T. Minh-ha is a filmmaker, writer and composer. Her works include: seven films  • Night Passage (98 mins narrative, 2004) • The Fourth Dimension (87 min Digital Video, 2001), A Tale of Love (108 mins, 1995), an experimental narrative, •Shoot for the Contents (102 mins, 1991), a film on culture, art and politics in China, •Surname Viet Given Name Nam (108 mins, 1989), a film on identity and culture through the struggle of Vietnamese women, •Naked Spaces - Living is Round (135 mins, 1985), and •Reassemblage (40 mins, 1982); eight books, including The Digital Film Event (forthcoming 2005), Cinema Interval (1999), Drawn from African Dwellings (in coll. with Jean-Paul Bourdier, 1996), Framer Framed (on film, 1992), When the Moon Waxes Red, (on representation, gender and cultural politics, 1991), Woman, Native, Other (on post-coloniality and feminism, 1989), En minuscules (poems, 1987), African Spaces - Designs for Living in Upper Volta, (in coll. with J.-P. Bourdier, 1985; and two large-scale multi-media installations, Nothing But Ways (in coll. with L Kirby, 1999, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco), The Desert is Watching  (in coll. with Jean-Paul Bourdier, 2003, Kyoto Art Biennale)

The recipient of several awards and grants (including the AFI National Independent Filmmaker Maya Deren Award, fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment of the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Film Institute, The Japan Foundation, and the California Arts Council), her films have been given over thirty retrospectives in the US, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Japan and Hong Kong, and were exhibited at the international contemporary art exhibition Documenta 11 (2002) in Germany. They have shown widely in the States, in Canada, Senegal, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as in Europe and Asia (including in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Japan, India, Taiwan, Jerusalem,. Reassemblage was exhibited at The New York Film Festival (1983) and has toured the country with the Asian American Film Festival among other festivals. Naked Spaces received the Blue Ribbon Award for Best Experimental Feature at the American Int'l. Film Festival and the Golden Athena Award for Best Feature Documentary at the Athens International Film Festival in 1986; it toured nationally and internationally with the 1987 Biennial of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Surname Viet Given Name Nam has received the Merit Award from the Bombay International Film Festival, the Film as Art Award from the Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art (SF Museum of Modern Art) and the Blue Ribbon Award at the American Film and Video Festival. Shoot for the Contents won the Jury's Best Cinematography Award at the 1992 Sundance Film Festival and the Best Feature DocumentaryAward at the Athens International Film Festival, and toured internationally with the 1993 Biennale of the Whitney Museum. A Tale of Love,has shown internationally in over twenty-four film festivals.

Trinh Minh-ha has traveled and lectured extensively—in the States, as well as in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand—on film, art, feminism, and cultural politics. She taught at the National Conservatory of Music in Dakar, Senegal (1977-80); at universities such as Cornell, San Francisco State, Smith, and Harvard, Ochanomizu (Tokyo); and is Professor of Women's Studies and Rhetoric (Film) at the University of California, Berkeley.

co-sponsored by the UCI Humanities Research Institute. the Humanities Center, the Asian American Studies Department, and the UCI Graduate Program in Visual Studies.

SET 10: Not Another X On The Map
Friday April 15 • HIB 100 • 7 - 11pm
High School Day: High School Students free w/ ID

Perfections David Rowe 3 min USA
Walking Distance Anthony H Nguyen 31 min USA
Fish Sauce Breath Thao Huong Ngoc Nguyen 7 min Australia
You Got Beef? Paul Nguyen 4 min Canada
From There to Here Vu Tran 33 min USA
• Discussion: Communities in Solidarity 25 min
• Q&A and Discussion
One Mic (open mic presented by Mai Piece)

SET 11: I Dream of Home
Saturday April 16 • HIB 110 • Noon - 5pm

Mother Vietnam Cuong Simon Phan 18 min USA, 2001
Buoåi Chieàu Kim Spurlock 10 min USA, 2004
Each Grain of Rice John Cherry, Kirsten Mallyon 52 min Vietnam, 2003
Symposium: Cultural Identity in the Arts

SET 12
Saturday April 16 • HIB 100 • 7 - 9pm

Cyclo Tran Anh Hung 123 min France/Vietnam
• Q&A Session

SET 13
Sunday April 17 • HIB 100 • Noon - 3pm

• Deserted Valley Phaim Nhuea Giang 90 min Vietnam, 2002
• Q&A Session

SET 14: Return To Self
Sunday April 17 • HIB 110 • 3 - 9pm

• Movie Star Viet Nguyen 25 min USA
• Girl Talk Tuan Kien Nguyen 6 min USA
• Who am I? Lea Thanh Son 31 min Vietnam
• Tuesdays After Quyen Tran 9 min USA
• A Soul Apart Van M Pham 16 min USA
• Q&A Session

Closing Night 6:00pm-7:30pm
Buffalo Boy Nghiem-Minh Nguyen-Vo 102 min France/Belgium/ Vietnam
• Q&A Session
• Awards Ceremony

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