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Winter 2010:
Double Take
Adventures in Illegal Art
At the River I Stand
The Gleaners and I

Spring 2009:
Sci-Fi Exploitation Series
Latin American Film Festival 2009
Sunset Boulevard
Cosecha Latina (Latin Harvest): Sleep Dealer
Death Proof featuring Zoe Bell

Winter 2009
Let the Right One In
The Crowd
Women Direct Movies
Taiwanese Cinema

Cosecha Latina (Latin Harvest)

Fall 2008
The Shining
American Graffiti
Film Noir Meets The Woman's Film
Rosemary's Baby

Cosecha Latina (Latin Harvest)
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Spring 2008
Latin American Film Festival
Medium Cool
French Cinema in the 1960s
Spider-Man 2
New Hollywood Cinema

Winter 2008
Stories of Migration: Transnational Documentary
Fifty Years of Janus Films

Fall 2007
Rocket Science
William Eggleston In The Real World
The Puffy Chair
Who's Afraid of Ngûgî?
The Dead Girl
Queer Southeast Asian Short Films Program
Funny Ha Ha
Cinema/Movement: The Interaction Between Artistic and Social Praxis
in Japanese Filmmaking

Spring 2007
Never Forever
Funny Games
Stranger Than Fiction
Perpetual Motion
Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF)
Latin American Film Festival (LAFF)
Superstar In A Housedress
Two Or Three Things I Know About Her
15th Annual Festival of Staged Readings of Student Screenplays

Winter 2006
The U.S. vs. John Lennon
Chelsea Girls
The World
Brazilian Avant Garde
Disaffected Youth Film Series
Olive Harvest

Fall 2006
Los Angeles/Experimental Film Series
The Bloody Child
The Look of Law
The Most Typical Avant-Garde
Films of Elizabeth Subrin

Contemporary Asian-American Film Series
The Motel
Man Push Cart
The President's Last Bang

Spring 2006
My Mother the Mermaid
Persian Film Series
Latin American Film Festival (LAFF)
The Loved One
Transnational Tradeswomen
Video Remains

Winter 2006
Lives of Performers
Other People's Pictures & How Little We Know Of Our Neighbors
The Childrens Hour
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One
Tale of Cinema
Save The Green Planet

Fall 2005
new francophone cinema: viva l'aldjerie
new francophone cinema: le fils
high school
films of Kim Soyoung
consciousness, creativity and the brain featuring david lynch
a state of mind
films of Kimi Takesue
new francophone cinema: le esquive

Spring 2005
2005 vietnamese international film festival
visions from the south
2005 latin american film festival
mutiny: asians storm british music

Winter 2005
for openers: the art of film titles
wing chun
bright leaves
films of kim hong-jun
films of kawase naomi
the conformist
jem cohen shorts
in this short life
i love powerpoint: a fireside chat with david byrne

Fall 2004
Los Angeles Plays Itself
JPEX: Japanese Experimental Film and Video Festival
Films of Dang Nhat Minh
Dance for the Camera Film Festival
Japanese Documentary Filmmakers
Take Care of My Cat