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Shaun Chatrath alumnus received a FMS Summer Internship Award, with generous donation from UCI History Alumni, Leon Dudevoir

2020 FMS Summer Internship Award!

This scholarship is funded by a generous donation from UCI History alumni, Leon Dudevoir, in support of Film and Media Studies’ student internships. Mr. Dudevoir had a career as a film executive for New Line Cinemas, working on films like The Notebook, Rush Hour and Blade. He’s now retired and lives in Portland, and wanted to support current FMS students looking to enter the entertainment industry.

Shaun Chatrath Newport Beach Film Festival Intern had this to say about his experience: 
If I could sum up my experience as a Newport Beach Film Festival Intern with one word, it would be uncertainty.​ ​When I started working with the festival as a Spring Intern (the title I still technically had throughout the summer), I was scared that I would fail to make a substantial impact with those who worked alongside me. However, almost immediately, I proceeded to make friends within the office because I was often the first person to volunteer for tasks that needed to be completed that day. Some of the tasks included taking notes at the executive meetings, graphic design, and copywriting. Most of which took being detail-oriented and patient. Originally my internship was scheduled to end in April after the festival, but due to the coronavirus, the festival was delayed to August 6th-13th. 

I volunteered to stay on until then, completing and extending the tasks I was assigned beforehand.  Most importantly, being up to date and communicating ideas in regards to the festival’s status. All this work, especially remotely, wasn’t easy because of the ever-changing outbreak and social distancing measures. Many times I honestly felt robbed of the full festival experience. Yet, what being a 2020 intern at the Newport Beach Film Festival taught me was that success during the most uncertain times is possible through hard work and perseverance. I sit here today proudly, stating that I have completed my internship successfully, and the festival just hosted a series of drive-in screenings on its set August dates.