HIB Tile Replacement: Humanities Instructional Building is currently undergoing the removal and replacement of the exterior tile, mostly on the front facade of the building. This project should be finished in late Summer or Fall 2019.

HIB Door Automation: Much of our focus in the next year is on finding funds for automating all entry doors and enough bathrooms in our buildings to make access easier for those with special needs. We have already covered much of the Humanities Instructional Building, specifically on the 3rd and 4th floors near English. UPDATE: We have had a Small-Cap project approved to automate the rest of the entrances in HIB, which should begin in late Summer or Fall 2019.

HG 1010/1030 Technology Upgrades: As of Summer 2019, HG 1030 has been upgraded with a new system for recording events whichreplaces the old Mediasite system. We are currently considering further improvements to the existing camera/microphone recording infrastructure and the podium utility. In addition, both HG 1010 and 1030 have been equipped with AV/IT technology to enable wireless projection from a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

HH 342 Technology Upgrade: The technology in Humanities Hall 342 (Spanish and Portuguese) is being upgraded to match that of HH 344, including a new projector, smart podium, and wireless projection capabilities.

HG 1010/1030 Carpet Replacement: In Summer 2019, both HG 1030 and HG 1010 had their carpeting fully replaced.

HH Classroom Upgrade: HH Classrooms are undergoing a dimmable LED lighting upgrade and new smart podiums are being installed.


Philosophy Department Renovation: We have proposed a Small-Cap project for three alterations in the Philosophy Department in the Humanities Instructional Building ground floor. A secondary kitchen will be converted to a shared Graduate Student space, a current GS space will be converted into an office and some storage areas, and an existing office will be enlarged to accomodate multiple people instead of just one faculty member.

Film and Media Production Space: We have proposed a Small-Cap project to take a large portion of Murray Krieger Hall, which is currently used for storage, and transforming it into a green screen recording room for the Film and Media Department.

Online Course Media Room: We have proposed a Small-Cap project to convert a portion of the Humanities Studio student lab in Humanities Hall 269 into two media rooms, which can be used for recording of online course offerings.

HIB 411 Carpet Replacement: We are looking into replacing all carpet in HIB 411 (English).