Upper-Division Transfer Students

The Program in Academic English offers courses to help transfer students become confident in their English.  

Courses for Transfer Students

Transfer students may enroll in the following classes:

Academic English 28 - Grammar for Writing

This course includes a full review of English grammar covering the following areas: grammar terms, verb tenses, verb forms, conditionals, passive and word forms, punctuation, sentence structure. The concepts are applied in targeted sentence and paragraph writing practice.

Academic English 29 – Conversation

This two-unit course is designed to help international students gain the oral language skills they need to succeed at UCI. It centers on watching, analyzing, and discussing videos of skilled public speakers, allowing students to systematically develop their vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension, and presentation skills.

Academic English 139W - Advanced Academic Writing Across the Curriculum

This course is designed for transfer students who speak English as a second language and focuses on developing academic reading and writing skills including essay content, organization, vocabulary, and grammar. The workload is much greater for this course than for the other courses listed above.  Upper-division undergraduate students have first priority in obtaining a seat in the course.

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