UCI Correction Symbols & Quia Quizzes

Meaning Example Advice / Practice Quiz
agreement  Between you and I, each one of us needs their own job. Pronoun Reference & Agreement
comma splice  I had a question, I asked the professor. Run-on Sentences, Comma Splices
dangling modifier  After talking to him, the information was clear. Purdue Online Writing Lab
fragment  If you were a scientist. Sentence Structure
idioms / set expressions He was involved on the math projects. Prepositions
Adjective and Preposition
mixed constructions He decided to go to school is because he felt better. Nipissing University, English Studies
number  He finished his researches; now he needs more equipments and times. Number
punctuation  Though odd this story is true. Purdue Online Writing Lab
redundancy  This class seems easy, so I'm going to take this class. 200 Common Redundancies
unclear pronoun reference My essay is in my car and my keys. Will you please bring it? Pronoun Reference and Agreement
run-on  No one knows the answer it is hard to solve each problem.  Sentence structure
spelling  Acheiving dreams is importent. Purdue Online Writing Lab
subject-verb  agreement Everybody have traditions. Subject/Verb Agreement
tense  I will be in class yesterday. Verb Tense
verb form  He is enroll in French, and he is try to added another class. He will has to spend more time study. Passive Voice
Verb Form
word form  We will become independence thinkers and writers. Introduction to Parts of Speech
Typical Suffixes
Word Form
wrong word  He was very tired that he left. Commonly Misused Words and Phrases
insert She will be enrolled just ^ time. Articles
delete He fell off (of) dhis bicycle. Articles
paragraph Researchers have found evidence of insecticides in our ocean.

One of the first studies was completed two years ago.

Purdue Online Writing Lab
Basic Paragraph Structure
parallelism Winning and lose is part of playing the game. Purdue Online Writing Lab
add a space It's infront of the building. Merriam Webster Dictionary
move here The boy revised his work who was sitting next to me. Exploring English
transpose She's on time usually. Exploring English
rephrase He hasn't got a clue. Purdue Online Writing Lab
Not understandable It's like which that you need. Exploring English