Course Materials for 20 A, B, C and D

Academic English 20 Writing Handbook  (available at the UCI Bookstore)  

Discovering Fiction: A Reader of American Short Stories- Bk.  2 - Kay and Gelshenen (Cambridge) (2010-2011 academic year) or The Mercury Reader (Pearson Custom Publishing) (2011-2012 academic year)

Longman Advanced American  Dictionary
and one of the memoirs/novels and all materials listed under each specific course below

Memoirs/Novels:  one each quarter
Farewell to Manzanar  -  Wakatsuki Houston 
When I Was Puerto Rican - Esmeralda Santiago  
Kindred -  Octavia Butler 
Iron and Silk - Mark Salzman
Hope's Boy - Andrew Bridge
The Ditchdigger's Daughters - Yvonne Thornton

Movies:  one each quarter
Akeelah and the Bee
The Piano Lesson 
The Spitfire Grill 

20 A - Grammar for Writing 1  -  Joyce Cain

20 B - Grammar for Writing 2 - Joyce Cain

20 C - Writing Clearly  3rd edition - Janet Lane and Ellen Lange (Heinle and Heinle) 

20 DWriting Clearly 2nd edition - Janet Lane and Ellen Lange (Heinle and Heinle),   Online materials available in HH 217 computer lab