AERC Information

The AERC (Academic English Resource Center) Workshops constitute a series of lab workshops for Academic English 20 courses .  Students are not required to attend every week.  AERC offers two types of workshops: Grammar and Specialized Writing. Students are only required to attend a Grammar Workshop if they do not pass a corresponding grammar quiz that they have taken in class.

The Specialized Writing Workshops cover various writing-related topics and students can choose which ones they would like to attend.

Signing Up for a Workshop
Students sign up to reserve a seat each week.  AERC uses the website for this purpose. Students will need to set up a free account to use the site.  Here are the links:

AERC Grammar Workshop

AERC Specialized Writing Workshop link:
The links remain the same all quarter and all year.

The best time for students to sign up for a workshop is Friday afternoon around 5 pm the sign up for the following week becomes available.  The earlier students sign up, the better their chances are of reserving a seat. 

Contact:  Amanda Jerome, AERC Coordinator –