Frequently Asked Questions about the Creative Writing Emphasis

Can one receive a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing?
No. The Creative Writing Emphasis is a 4-course emphasis attached to the Bachelor’s degree in English. The courses may also be taken by students of other majors. Completion of the series can be verified by the Emphasis coordinator in a letter.

What classes are needed in order to fulfill a bachelor’s degree in English, so that a Creative Writing Emphasis can be added?
See the English Department website for Bachelor of English course requirements and consult with your department-appointed advisor. The four courses required for the Emphasis are listed in this site under Course Requirements.

Will creative writing courses from other institutions transfer in and serve as prerequisites for courses in the Emphasis?
Generally not, as there is only a 4-course requirement. A meeting with Emphasis coordinator, Susan Davis, will determine if there are exceptions.

How many students are admitted into the advanced workshops?
All workshops in creative writing are limited to 15 participants. This insures that more than 1 piece can be workshopped per student per quarter.

How many people usually apply to advanced workshops?
It varies from quarter to quarter. The issue with advanced workshops is more the quality of work rather than the number of applicants. If there are not enough submissions of high quality, the enrollment may fall below 15.

What percentage of applicants get into advanced workshops?
Less than half.

Can I become a tutor in the Emphasis?
There are opportunities for teaching poetry to at-risk school-aged children through The UCI Poetry Academy. Training sessions and ongoing supervision are conducted and credit may be received in both the English and Education departments.