The Emphasis in Creative Writing, centered in the Department of English, can be added to a Bachelor's Degree. It offers two levels of workshops - beginning and intermediate - and two seminars which can lead to graduation with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. The Emphasis requires 16 units, a total of 4 courses. Students need to begin work by their second year, and may take one workshop class per quarter.

Students completing the Emphasis in Poetry or Fiction must create a Completion Portfolio - a collection of their original fiction and poetry written inside and outside creative writing classes during their time at UCI, and essays written only inside creative writing classes.  To receive a letter of completion, the portfolio must be submitted following provided guidelines.

The courses are:
  • Wr30/31 (Introductory Workshop in Poetry/Fiction) open to students of all majors.
  • Wr90/91 (Intermediate Workshop in Poetry/Fiction) pre-req of Wr30 OR 31 by students of all majors. Students may cross genre, i.e. take beginning fiction and intermediate poetry.
  • E16/E17 (Craft of Poetry/Fiction) open to students of all majors.
  • *WR 101 (W) (Undergraduate Seminar in Literary Theory) restricted to students who have completed E100.

*Writing (Wr)101W is NOT the same course as the English (E)101W.  If you find a 101W under English listings in the schedule of courses, that course WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED as a substitute.  Emphasis courses are taught only by instructors who are working poets and fiction writers.  See faculty page for publications.

Wr30 (poetry) and Wr31 (fiction) are introductory workshops and will serve as prerequisites for either Wr90 (intermediate poetry) and Wr91  (Intermediate fiction). 

Introductory workshops may also substitute for 39C in the composition series if 39B has been completed with a grade of B or better. Check with departmental advisors in your major. 

Demand for the class regularly exceeds the number of seats available, but students unable to register by regular means may petition in the first week. Wr30 and Wr31 are also offered in summer session.

Wr101W substitutes for E101 for creative writers only in the major and has a prerequisite (E100.)

These courses may be completed at any time. However, because it frames the Emphasis philosophically and also because space is limited, E16 or 17 should be taken as soon as possible, preferably in the second year.

* Additional Courses

Admission to Advanced Workshops in Poetry or Fiction is by instructor's consent.  A student may contact the English Department for submission guidelines and information.

Wr110 (Advanced Workshop in Fiction Writing) admission by instructor's consent in preceding quarter.

Wr111 (Advanced Workshop in Poetry) admission by instructor's consent in preceding quarter.

*Although Advanced Workshops in either genre are not required to complete an Emphasis in Creative Writing, one may substitute an Advanced credit for a introductory or intermediate workshop in either genre to complete the 2-workshop requirement.  This would be noted in the Completion Portfolio Table of Contents.