Russian Studies

The Russian Studies Minor

The Russian Program at UC Irvine offers beginning and intermediate Russian courses, as well as a number of courses on Russian culture, Russian literature and Russian film.

Russian is the primary language of the 150 million citizens of the Russian Federation, as the Russian state calls itself, and is the native language of approximately 30 million people living in the other states, which were formed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The Russian minor is an interdisciplinary program. Students can select courses in Political Science, History and Russian Literature and Culture. Most classes are taught in English.

The Russian Minor at UC Irvine, in combination with another major, can give you a real edge. Russian on your resume shows that you believe in your abilities, that you accept challenges, and that you are not afraid to go off the beaten path. Russian is not only one of the official languages of diplomacy at the U.N. and a member language of the G-8, but reasonable functional proficiency will greatly increase your prospects in business, engineering, teaching, law, and medicine.

Our students participate in a wide array of both educational and entertaining activities. On campus we have a Russian club, a student lead organization, which meets weekly and a chapter of Dobro Slovo, the National Slavic Honor Society.