German Studies

Double Majoring - Program in International Engineering (PIE)


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The Program in International Engineering (PIE) at the University of California offers students a unique opportunity to train to be successful engineers in a truly global economy. The only such program offered in California, PIE provides a course of study leading to both a B.S. degree in Engineering and a B.A. degree in German language and culture.

WHY PIE? The engineering profession operates on an international stage. Working with companies outside the United States or gaining experience with practices and techniques employed by firms abroad are common facts of life for professional engineers. PIE gives students an advantage in today’s market.

WHAT DOES PIE OFFER? After two or three years of studying Engineering and German at UCI, students will be ready to spend at least six months in Germany:

• Through UC’s Education Abroad Program (EAP) students will take courses at a German university in Engineering and General Education;

• During the summer, PIE organizes an internship with German firms like Daimler-Benz, BMW, Siemens, Boeing-Europe, or Hoechst, that provide significant resumé-building work experience.

Because PIE carefully tailors the curriculum of its participants, students receive credit for both the internship and courses taken at a university in Germany. Financial Aid can be used on EAP and internships are often paid.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS for this program include:

• Completion of the first year engineering program of study with a GPA of 3.0;

• Completion of three years of high school courses in the language of emphasis or the 1C language course at UCI that corresponds to the area of interest.

Students would typically apply for the program before entering UCI or at the beginning of their second year of study.

For additional information and help in developing a plan of study, please contact Ms. Christy King at or Ms. Ushma Patel at