European Studies


Russian Studies

Fall Quarter (F18)

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Emphasis/Category: Russian Studies, Modern Europe (1798-)

Soviet Animation from the 1960s to the 1990s, that is, from the Cold War to Glasnost', was far from child's play. Animation in the former Soviet Union was a medium that allowed for the creation of life other than Soviet reality, despite the strict censorship of ideas during this time period. This course proposes to explore the concepts of the dual audience, ritualized master plots, Disneyfication, and montage. Students will also be introduced to the role of the KGB, the Soviet Underground, International Animation Festivals, the Soiuzmultfilm Animation Studio, and the Communist Party in the creation of animation. Students will become familiarized with the necessary technological aspects of animation, from stop-motion films to CGI, including scripts, storyboards, hand-drawn cells, the role of music and the intertextual relation of other arts and literature to this medium. The animated films will be presented thematically.
Days: TU TH  02:00-03:20 PM