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Post Date: November 19, 2019

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Italian Theater Lab

Italian Studies at Irvine invites you to experience Italian through theater as an extracurricular activity. Learning a foreign language through theatrical performance is highly motivating and gives you the opportunity to enjoy Italian in a collaborative and engaging context.

Theater, intended as a didactic method for language learning, involves student actors who rehearse their roles, and a tutor/director who guides them. Dramatic activities may include script writing, acting training, performance and even the production of a play.

Practicing theater in a foreign language is very useful for foreign language students, as they may at once enhance their linguistic, sociolinguistic and pragmatic competencies, as well as enjoy an intercultural experience. Through theater, students bring their own interests to the creation of a script, enhancing their writing skills as they invent or adapt a story, or edit a play from the repertoire. During rehearsals, you will improve your speaking skills through practice, with special attention to pronunciation, intonation and accuracy. Most importantly, you will directly apply the classic concept of “learning by doing.” This aspect of the learning experience is not to be underestimated: theatre transforms instrumental attitudes toward learning, making language acquisition more fun and meaningful.

Please note that this is an extracurricular activity and does not earn course credit or grades. Italian Theater Lab is designed for all students who want to enjoy learning Italian in a very exciting way. It is open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. No previous experience in theater is required.

Italian Theater Lab will run during the whole academic year, from October to June, one hour per week. Dates, hours and locations will be decided according to the needs of those who will participate.

Winter 2019, in HIB 200 Every Friday 3-4pm

If you are interested or you want to know more about Italian Theater Lab, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Fabrizio Di Maio: and Dr. Giulia Vittori:

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