Foreign Language Pedagogy: Principles and Practice

East Asian 125/225
Spring 2008

Instructor Kiyomi Chinen
HIB 375
Office Hrs. Tue & Thu 5:30-7:00pm or by appointment
Phone 824-2813



This course is designed to prepare students to teach a foreign language as teaching assistants while they are graduate students and/or as instructors following graduation.
Lectures will address practical teaching skills as well as theories underpinning second language acquisition. Issues in foreign language pedagogy include; evaluation of various teaching approaches; error and interlanguage; classroom discourse and its role in learning; literacy in a foreign language; learner variables; interculture; roles of metacognition including self-regulation, motivation and self-efficacy.
Along with these theories in support with their teaching approach, students will write lesson plans and tests, and are required to observe foreign language classes and write reports. They will teach a mock class at the end.


Hardley-Ommagio, A. (2000). Teaching Language in Context, Third Edition, Heinle & Heinle

Other articles will be distributed in class


Three Papers (50%)
@1. Teaching Theories and Their Application
@2. Class Observation Report
@3. Self-reflection Essay
Sample Lesson Plan (10%)
Sample Test (10%)
Practice-teaching (30%)

Above 96%...A+, Above 93%...A, Above 90%...A-
86%...B+, 83%...B, 80%...B-
76%...C+, 73%...C, 70%...C-
66%...D+, 63%...D, 60%...D-
Below 59%...F