Foreign Language Pedagogy: Principles and Practice

East Asian 125/225


Spring 2008


Topic Readings Assignment

Course Overview

Individual differences
- Factors affecting language learning
- Learning styles
- Communication strategies

Popular Views about language learning/teaching

** no class on 4/3 (Th); take-home assignment
How Language are learned (Ch7)

How Language are learned (Ch3)

Principles of Language Learning and
Teaching (Ch6)
Take-home Assignment:
Language learning experience
(due Wk2 4/8 Tue)


On knowing a language
- Theoretical models of language competence

On learning a language
-Theoretical viewpoints

Teaching Language in Context (Ch1)

Teaching Language in Context (Ch2)

Teaching Language in Context (Ch3)

*Supplementary Readings:

Connectionism and Second Language Vocabulary

Connectionism as a Model of Language Learning @(Connectionism vs. Chomsky)

Paper #1:
Theories and application
(due Wk4 4/24 Thu)

On teaching a language
-Teaching principles
-Methodological approaches

Second-Language Teaching Methods: Principles and Procedures (Jill Kerper Mora)

Communicative Language Teaching (CAL)

(cont'd) On teaching a language
-Methodological appraoches

The role of context in language learning
-The importance of background knowledge

Teaching Language in Context (Ch4)

Teaching Grammar in Context (Jill Kerper Mora)

Paper #2:
Class observation report
(due Wk6 5/8 Thu)


The role of culture in the curriculum
-Standards for foreing language learning
Teaching Language in Context (Ch8)

National Standards (ACTFL)

Communication Modes (ACTFL)

Culture in Second Language Learning (CAL)

"Atlas Complex" (Wisconsin Center for Education Research)



Reading and Listening in language learning
-Instructional activities in class

Making lesson plans
-Proficiency-oriented approach
-Sample lesson plans

Teaching Language in Context (Ch5)

Teaching Language in Context @@@ (Epilogue)

Communicative Approach Lesson Outline (Jill Kerper Mora)

Sample Lesson Plan for Wk8's mock teaching
(due Wk7 5/15 Thu)


Speaking and Writing in language learning
-Instructional activities

-Types of assessment
-Formative vs. Summative

Teaching Language in Context (Ch6)

Teaching Language in Context (Ch7)

Teaching Language in Context (Ch9)

Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen (Ch13)

Formative and Summative Assessment (Univ. of Texas, Arlington)

Formative and Summative Assessment
(Oregon Dept. of Education)
Sample Test
(due Wk9 5/27 Tue)

Teaching demonstration in an actual classroom
(no lecture this week)


Paper #3:
Self-reflection paper
(due Wk10 6/5 Thu)

Teaching demo and reflection

Issues in foreign language education
-Use of technology
-Teaching abroad

Issues in foreign language education
-Content-based Instruction (CBI)
-Heritage language learning
Content-based instruction in EFL contexts

Heritage Language Journal (on-line journal)