EA 125/225
Foreign Language Pedagogy
Akemi Morioka

Overview of Each Level of Oral Proficiency

Create With Language
Ask and Answer Simple Questions
Handle a Simple Situation or Translation

Handle a Complicated Situation or Transaction

Support Opinions
Discuss Abstract Topics
Handle Linguistically Unfamiliar Situations


OPI Roleplay Topics for Intermediate Level

1. You have broken your glasses. Go to an optical shop, explain the problem, and ask to have the glasses repaired. Try to get them repaired quickly.

2. You want to rent an apartment. Talk to the building manager and describe what you want. Ask four or five questions to find out everything you need to know.

3. You go to the reception desk of a hotel in . Describe the type of room you want. You have a price limit. Ask three or four questions to get more information about the area.

4. Call and invite a friend to a party. Tell your friend three or four things he/she needs to know about the party.

5. You are a reporter for a (school) newspaper interviewing a visiting celebrity, . Find out everything you can for an article you are writing.

6. You go to a store to buy a gift for a friend. You have a price limit. Describe the friend to the clerk and ask what he/she recommends. Ask to have the gift sent/delivered to the friend.

7. Call and ask a friend to go to the movies with you. Make arrangements regarding time, place, and getting something to eat afterwards.

8. your neighbor is going on vacation and has asked you to take care of things while he/she is away. Ask four or five questions to find out what you need to know.

9. You are at a post office in . You want to mail a package to . Ask the clerk three or four questions to find our what you need to know to mail the package.

10. You are having an interview for a babysitting job. Ask the parent four or five questions to find out everything you need to know.

11. You are in . You missed your plane to New York. Ask the person behind the counter three or four questions to find out what you need to get to New York quickly.

12. You are left alone in a room with a friendŐs grandparent. Make polite conversation with him/her while you wait for your friends.

OPI Roleplay Topics for Advanced Level

1. You borrowed a friendŐs car and had a slight accident. Call your friend, explain what happened, describe the damage, and offer a solution.

2. You stayed late at work and are the only one in the office. You leave to get a drink of water and lock yourself out. You donŐt have identification with you. Explain the situation to the guard and ask him/her to open the door to your office.

3. A window in your apartment is broken. Call the building manager, describe the problem, explain how it happened, and try to get the window repaired as quickly as possible.

4. You bought a pair of shoes. When you try them on again at home, they donŐt seem to fit well, and you decide you donŐt like the style. Return to the store and try to get your money back.

5. Your house was robbed. Call the police, explain what happened, describe the scene, and find out what to do.

6. After finishing a good meal in a restaurant, you discover you have left your money at home. Explain the situation to the waiter/waitress, and make some arrangement to pay the bill.

7. You return with a coat to the dry cleaner. Explain to the owner why you are returning the coat to be recleaned at his/her expense and why it is in his/her interest to do a good job.

8. You had a minor car accident. No one was hurt seriously. Call the police, describe how the accident happened, describe the scene, and find out what to do.

9. You missed an important exam and have made an appointment with the teacher/professor. Explain what happened and try to arrange for a make-up exam.