EA 125/225
Foreign Language Pedagogy
Akemi Morioka

OPI : Do's and Don't's of Elicitation

- use minimal verbal and non-verbal encourages.
- respond with interest to what the interviewee is saying.
- press for details at the Intermediate Level and above.
- act like a monolingual speaker of the target language.
- cultivate the art of waiting, being patient rather than immediately repeating or paraphrasing.
- speak at a normal rate of speech until it becomes clear that the candidate cannot deal with that rate of speech.
- avoid sensitive topics.

- correct the intervieweeユs grammar or information.
- talk about your own experiences or opinions.
- interrupt unless necessary.
- talk about the OPI process itself.
- jump form topic to topic.
- make evaluative statements about the intervieweeユs language.
- use 'foreigner' talk.
- allow the interviewee to take control of the OPI.
- ask many yes/no or either/or questions.


OPI インタビューの時の注意

OPI インタビューの間、した方がいいこと


OPI のあと、判定する時の注意