EA 125/225
Foreign Language Pedagogy
Akemi Morioka

               How to Make Lesson Plans

I. Course Design

Step 1. Decide what you want to teach in the course throughout the entire school year.
Step 2. Pick a textbook that best suits your goal.
Step 3. Decide how many chapters you want to cover in the year, and then per quarter.

II. Daily Lesson Plans
Step 1. Decide how many weeks you will spend on one chapter (= one theme).
Example: If you want to spend three weeks on one chapter, analyze what is to be covered each week.
(You don't have to be precise.)

Culture & Function Grammar Vocabulary Kanji
week 1
week 2
week 3

Step 2. Plan what activities you want to do each day.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
week 1
week 2
week 3

Step 3. Make a detailed plan for each day. Spend approximately 10-15 minutes on each activity.
(Time you want to spend will vary depending on the activity.)

Example: Monday
10:00-10:05... Greeting. Ask S's what they did on weekend., etc.

Step 4. If you think additional teaching materials are necessary, make supplementary handouts or design a webpage, etc. Be sure to have someone look at your material before you actually use it in class, in order to make sure that the instruction is clear and effective.

Some Instructional Tips for Keeping Students' Attention:

1. Make sure that you have a good introduction for each activity, and then be sure to have a smooth transition to the next activity.

2. Do not spend too much time on one activity. Be sure to do a spot-check after each activity.

3. Occasional mechanical drills are useful. Use of picture cards will make the mechanical drill a little more interesting.

4. Employ a variety of dynamics in the classroom: pair-work, group-work, working as an entire class, teacher to students, student to teacher, etc. For variety, sometimes have the students ask the teacher questions, rather than the teacher always being the only one asking questions.