Profiles of Hoshi Shinichi (Written by Marutani)

Hoshi Shinichi can be regarded as the champion writer of science-fiction in Japan. He also is known for his style of writing  that are short-short stories, which
are no more than four pages long, and are filled with black humor told with cruelty, nonsensical humor, and satire. Hoshi expressed cynically of what might happen in the future, about modern life and what could be people?s true color and ambitions are. Most of his works end in obscurity, so we readers can have different ideas about how the stories end. He also had some notable tactics in his works where he does not use proper nouns and use neither murder or love scenes.
Hoshi was born in Tokyo on September 6, 1926. He attended Tokyo
University to study agriculture and then medicine and bacteria as a graduate. He then inherited his father?s pharmaceutical company as the president, but soon faced with financial difficulties and unpleasant relationships with his assistants. Many speculate that from this burden he went through had driven him to write satirically. Hoshi eventually handed over the company and turned his interest in writing like his
grandfather who composed haiku out of pleasure, and gradually entered the
science-fictional world as well.
He debuted as a writer in 1957 and eventually wrote until he produced
1042 original works.



星 新一(1926年9月6日 - 1997年12月30日)プロフィール(Created by Cai )

1957年 - SF同人誌「宇宙塵」に発表した「エキストラ」が、江戸川乱歩編集の「宝石」に転載され、作家としてデビュー

1961年 - ショートショート6編『弱点』、『生活維持省』、『雨』、『誘拐(その子を殺すな!)』、『信用ある製品』、『食事前の授業』で直木賞の候補作に選ばれる。

1962年 - ショートショート集『人造美人』、ショートショート集『ようこそ地球さん』(旧バージョン)、ショートショート集『悪魔のいる天国』で第15回日本推理作家協会賞候補

1965年 - 長編小説『夢魔の標的』で第18回日本推理作家協会賞候補

1968年 - ショートショート集『妄想銀行』で第21回日本推理作家協会賞受賞

1979年 -『星新一ショートショート・コンクール』の選考開始

1998年 - 第19回日本SF大賞特別賞を贈られた


人民は弱し 官吏は強し
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