Paper 2 and Presentation ( Speaking Activity)

Paper due: March 3rd (Monday)
Presentation: March 3rd (Monday)and 4th(Tuesday)in the classroom
Powerpoint presentation of 3-4 minutes, completely by memory ( same topic as paper).


1)日本の不思議な習慣の例を一つ下記より選ぶ。Choose one of the following interesting issues that are part of Japanese society to write/present about.  
   例) a)食事のしかた Eating/dining customs or rules.
     b)結婚式のあいさつ Greetings/speeches done at wedding receptions.
     c)選挙(せんきょ)の演説(えんぜつ) Election campaign speeches.
     d)バス・電車など公共の乗り物の中で Rules to follow while riding on public transportation, such as busses, trains.
     e)車内の放送 Announcements made in transit on public transportation.
     f)テレビコマーシャルの影響(えいきょう) Influence of TV commercials.
     g)髪型(かみがた)やファッションの流行とそのすたれる速度 The rapid rise and fall of trends in hair style, fashion, etc.
     h)買い物、贈(おく)り物(もの)の習慣 Shopping and gift-giving customs.
     i)支払いのローンの組み方 Loan repayment.
     j)その他(教師にまず聞いてから書く)Other (consult with your instructor first).
 2)それがなぜあなたにとって不思議なのか、その理由を説明する。Explain why and for what reason(s) you think that that particular issue is interesting/strange/out-of-the-ordinary.
 3)その日本の不思議なことの時代背景(歴史的な背景)について調べる。Research the background of the issue/custom you chose.
 4)その例について、ほかの文化とも比較する。Compare the same issue/custom with another culture.
 5)結論 Conclusion.


1.長さ:2 ページから 2 1/2ページ。(1枚400字)
  ダブルスペース。最後に、いくつ文字があるか(letter/character count) を書く。
















You are encouraged to seek additional help from either your Sensee or a native speaker (of course, within the parameters of the Academic Honesty policies for UC). The reasoning behind allowing this privilege is for you to have the opportunity to improve your writing skills and to encourage you in learning to express yourself in Japanese. However, if after receiving help, your paper appears to overly-exceed the level of Japanese that is expected at this time, then you can expect to be asked by your instructor in their office to demonstrate the competency that is reflected in your final product.