Speaking Activity #1

Topic= Choose 1 from the following:

1.ひと味違う自己紹介/友人紹介... Give a unique and impressive introduction based on the advice you have read in the textbook. You can either introduce yourself, your family, friend, or someone famous.

2. 人気のある名前... Based on your own research, identify some popular names, analyze trends, and discuss the social factors behind these trends. (They don't have to be Japanese names.)

3. 名前の由来(ゆらい)... Based on your own research, talk about the origins of some specific names. (They don't have to be Japanese names.)

4. 名前の歴史...Based on your own research, talk about the historical background of how people obtained their family/last names. Discuss social factors as well.

5. 名前をつけること(naming; words and concept) に関すること ...As we have read in class, the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis claims that there is a close relationship between words and culture (=perception of the world). Discuss whether you agree or disagree with this hypothesis and support your argument by providing some specific examples.

Here are some conditions and guidelines regarding the content of your speech.

- Your speech must be between 2 and 1/2 minutes to 3 minutes. (Maximum of 3 minutes; any portion of your speech over 3 minutes will not be included for evaluation.)
- Remember that speech is very different from writing. In other words, you should be talking to the audience.

- Your speech will be evaluated based on its CONTENT and LANGUAGE USE (i.e., clarity and accuracy; expression and delivery; and fluency. )


- You may look at a notecard, but 5 points out of 20 will be subtracted automatically in that case.

- No audio visual equipment is allowed.