3B 2012 ディベート

ディベートの日: 1月23日(月曜日)1:00原口のクラス


1. As is the common procedure for any type of debate, you will take a certain position on a certain topic and argue for your position with your teammates against a group of opponents.
2. You will be assigned a certain topic (see below) and must prepare both the 'pro' and 'con' positions.
3. On the day of the debate, you will be assigned which of the two positions you must take during your debate.
4. Each debate will last approximately 11 minutes. While the first debate is going on, the second group must wait outside and quietly study.
5. Every student will be graded separately, and your grade will be based on the number of times you speak as well as the quality of your statements.
6. You may refer to notes/hints for yourself that you have written on one 5x7 notecard (use one side each for your pro and con positions) that you have prepared at home. However, DO NOT write full sentences...just key words.
7. If you are absent on the day of the debate, even for illness, there is just absolutely no possibility of a make-up.


1. Express your opinion with reasons using the following pattern.
 e.g. 私は、中学生は〜たほうがいいと思います。それは、(reason) からです。
2. Listen to your classmates' opinions and give them a counter or additional opinion.
When you want to speak against the stated opinion: でも、〜。それはそうですが、〜。
When you want to add to the stated opinion: それに、〜。そして/それから、〜。
3. 賛成 (さんせい) です (=agree) 反対 (はんたい)です (=disagree)

Debate Topic: 健康で長生きするためには、食べ物に気をつけることが大切だと言います。では、アメリカの中学生(age 12-15)も健康のために栄養補助食品(えいようほじょしょくひん、サプリメント)を取った方がいいのでしょうか?それとも、オーガニックの食材だけを食べる方がいいのでしょうか?両方のリサーチをして、自分の意見をまとめて下さい。

    アメリカの中学生は   栄養補助食品を取った方がいいか?       オーガニックの食材だけ食べた方がいいか?

Useful Vocabulary: