Kanji for Japanese 2A, Fall 2008

A word from your 先生:
Those of you who have been studying Japanese up to now may have been thinking that kanji is either troublesome or not that crucial to your mastering the language; but the truth is, when living in Japan, kanji is essential because everything around you will be written utilizing kanji. Also, knowing how to write a new vocabulary word in its kanji can sometimes be very helpful in remembering that word from that point on. In addition, knowing kanji and how they are used to express vocabulary and concepts in Japanese can be helpful in understanding many aspects of Japanese culture. In the past, you may have been able to pass a kanji test week by week, but it is essential that you remember all your accumulated kanji in order to survive in Japan. We hope you will realize the importance of kanji and how fascinating and helpful they can be!

Kanji will be introduced in class and will be tested in weekly quizzes and term exams.
- You must turn in the kanji homework on the next day of instruction after the kanji is introduced in class.
- New kanji that will be tested in the weekly quizzes are based on the chart below, and old kanji (accumulative) will be tested as well.
- You are responsible for all the kanji up to Chapter 2 plus kanji learned in the Jp 1A-B-C for the midterm exam.
- You are responsible for all the kanji listed below plus kanji learned in the Jp 1A-B-C for the final exam.

Japanese 2A: 教科書「ようこそ!」volume 2 

Week Workbook


Kanji Number of kanji
Wk 0&1

pp. 33-35 (#1-13)

Ch 1 私、京都、寺、神社、内、曲がる、目、所、予約、車、 13字
Wk 2 pp. 35-36 (#14-25) Ch 1 早い、歩く、旅館、乗る、待つ、駅、止まる、客、地図、海 11字
Wk 3

pp. 70-72 (#1-8)

Ch 2 新しい、開く、公園、住む、階、広い、直す 8字
Wk 4 pp. 71-73 (#9-20) Ch 2 戸、古い、門、室、伝える、洗う、建てる、友、貸す、借りる、置く、静か 11字
Wk 5 pp. 73-74 (#21-24) Ch 2 庭、便利、不(便) 4 字
Wk 6 pp. 115-116 (#1-5)
Ch 3 自(動車)、(道)路、交通、(運)転 5字
Wk 7 pp. 116-118 (#6-14) Ch 3 駐(車)、教える、窓、閉める、消す、変える、(事)故、(交)差点 9 字
Wk 8 pp. 117-119 (#15-24)
Ch 3 信号、走る、帰る、横、働く、工(場)、速い、違反 10字
Wk pp. 149-150 (#1-8) Ch 4


Wk10 pp. 150-151 (#9-15) Ch 4 足、毛、形、丸い、(三)角、持つ、立つ 7字

(Total of 86 kanji)