Conversation Partner

Would you like to make new friends?
Would you like to improve your listening and speaking skills?
Would you like to tutor English?
Or would you like to earn some extra credit this quarter?

Here is the perfect opportunity for you: Meet a Japanese conversation partner!

Here is what to do:

- Make a Japanese conversation partner through LXP, Communication Club, Japanese Student Association, etc.
- To receive an extra credit, you must meet with a Japanese student one on one for an hour.
- Japanese students are learning English. So speak in Japanese for 30 minutes and in English for 30 minutes.
- The topic of the conversation is totally up to you. However, it's recommended that you show your partner the textbook and inform him/her what you are studying right now. Also, taking notes will be helpful.
- This is an extra credit activity. You will receive 0.2% credit per meeting added to your overall quarter grade (2% maximum together with credits from journals and JVC). However, meeting to have your paper assignment proofread does not count for an extra credit.
- For 0.2% credit, sensee will count only one meeting per day. That is, even if you talk to your partner for three hours in one day, it will be counted as equal to one day's work.
- After the meeting, ask for the signature from the volunteer on the form and turn it in to sensee on the following day.
- The last day to submit the form is the last instruction day.