2C Final Project Presentation (ながい先生)
"Let's Think About Another Culture!" 

日時: 6月4, 5日 (水、木曜日) 教室で

Based on what you have learned about Japanese culture and society in 2C this Quarter, look at the counterparts in another culture to these various issues. Do some research about something you would want Japanese college students to know about that other culture, and analyze your collected data. Then present your thoughts and opinions in a clear and organized fashion.  

題(だい: title)の例:

Methods of Research:
- Interview someone who is knowledgeable of your topic in order to brainstorm
- Read books or magazine articles
- Search on the internet for information

- The length of your presentation should be around 3 minutes long followed by a question-and-answer period
- Use desu/masu polite form for your speech.
- You will be marked off if you read directly off the notes/slides
- The slides that you utilize should help the audience understand your presentation.
- Please consider the level of proficiency of your classmates and control your vocabulary to suit your audience.

- To enhance presentational communication skills in ACTFL National Standards.
- To integrate the 21st Century Skills, such as technology literacy or critical thinking.
- To share what you found out in your research with your classmates.
- To learn to switch the langauge register from the paper style to the speech style.

Evaluation [Total 40 points]
This is an oral presentation, not a written assignment.  Primarily, your speaking will be evaluated.  The criteria is as follows:
1. Content (Depth of research and your opinions)....8 pt. 
2. Accuracy in grammar and vocabulary....8 pt. 
3. Presentation style (Pronunciation, fluency, talking to the audience)...8 pt. 
4. Varieties of expressions…8 pt.
5. Effectiveness of the PPT slides…8 pt.