2014 Japanese 2C Final

Where and When?

Friday, 6/6: Listening at Mac Lab in HH269A**
Thursday, 6/12,
10:30am-12:30pm: Reading, Writing, and Kanji in SSL 290
**Note: There will be NO Speaking Exam.

Listening (50 pts):
The Listening Exam
will be administered at the Mac Lab in HH269A. It will consist of 2 sections. You will write the answers in English.

Part 1: A monologue concerning someone's personal experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Part 2: Dialogues between male and female concerning the topic of religion.

Kanji (18 pts):
Text pages to review: Kanji pages for Ch. 3 & 6. No partial points will be given. Make sure that you review accompanying hiragana (i.e., okurigana) as well.

Write the readings for 10 kanji compounds and their meanings: 0.5 x 20 = 10 points

Write 8 kanji compounds: 8 points

Reading (60 pts):
You will read 2 passages and write the answers both in Japanese and English.

Part 1: An article about the Great East Japan Earthquake
Part 2: An article on the topic of religions in Japan

Writing (40 pts):

You will be asked to write an essay on a topic of either natural disaster or religions. In order to be ready for this section of the exam, review the sample titles for papers listed in Ch 3 and 6. No materials are allowed.

Grading Criteria (total 40 points)
Volume & Content 10
Variety of Expressions 10
Accuracy 10
Organization 5
Use of kanji 5