Japanese 2B 2014 Midterm (tentative)

Where and When

Friday, 2/7: Reading & Writing in your regular classroom.

Monday, 2/10:
Kanji, Listening, & Speaking at the Mac Lab in HH269A. Please be on-time.

The Reading and Writing exams will be administered in your regular classroom. You will have 50 minutes to complete both and it is recommended that you spend the first 25 minutes for reading and the second 25 minutes for writing.

Reading (50 pts):

Part I: You will read a neighborhood circular of health advice issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and
write the answers to the questions.
Part II: You will read a biography and write the answers to the questions. The questions include the appropriate use of honorifics (respect forms and humble forms) to fit inside the text.

Writing (30 pts):
You are to send a hand-written letter to one of your Japanese instructors of the past, requesting a recommendation letter. The length must be between 10-12 sentences. Be sure to use a variety of grammar patterns and expressions that we have learned especially this Quarter, such as らしい、〜ようになる、はず、causatives, passives, and proper use of honorifics, etc.

Grading Criteria:
1) Task Accomplishment: Volume, content & organization
2) Variety of choices: Varieties of vocabulary & expressions introduced this Quarter.
3) Accuracy of grammar & approriate use of kanji, especially in use of 敬語(けいご:honorifics) with respect forms and humble forms
Use any kanji that you are responsible for (i.e. all kanji's from Yookoso vol. 1 and vol. 2 Chapter 1-5).

Midterm Day 2
The Kanji, Speaking and Listening exams will be administered at the Mac Lab in HH269A. If this is your first time to ever be in this lab, make sure you figure out where it is located ahead of the test date and check out the actual room where the test will be given. The test will begin on time, so be sure not to be late.

Kanji (20 pts):
The kanji test will be given at the very beginning of Midterm Day 2. Review both the reading and writing of the kanji's which were introduced this Quarter : Workbook pp. 150-153 (Ch. 4) and pp.190-195 (Ch.5). No partial points will be given. Make sure that you review accompanying hiragana (i.e., okurigana) as well.

Write 10 kanji words: 1x10 words =10 points
Write the readings of 10 kanji words: 1x10 words =10 points

Speaking (30 pts):
You will be sitting facing a computer in the Language Lab and will record what you say into the microphone of the headset you are wearing. You will be given 2 tasks to complete (15 points each). You will not be allowed to bring any prepared notes. You will be given 2 minutes preparation time for each task (i.e., writing down ideas on a scratch paper) and 1 minutes to record your actual speaking for each task. Please know beforehand that the entire class (15-24 students) will be in the room at the same time as you and speaking at the same time, so it might be hard to concentrate. However, do not let this distract you from doing your best.

Task 1(15 points):You will leave a message about your health condition to your host family. Use です・ます form.
Task 2 (15 points): You will be asked to leave a message on the answering machine of your Japanese instructor. Therefore, it is important to review 敬語(けいご) for this section.

Grading Criteria:
1) Accomplishment of tasks (volume, content, and fluency)
2) Variety of vocabulary and expressions
3) Accuracy of grammar in general
4) Accuracy especially in use of 敬語(けいご:honorifics) with respect forms and humble forms

Listening (50 pts):
The Listening exam will be given immediately after the speaking exam, in the same room.

Part I: You will listen to a job interview and answer the questions in English.
Part II:
You will listen to a biography and answer the questions in English.