Japanese 2A Final Exam 2013 (tentative)

Where and When?

Listening (no speaking) = Friday December 6 in the Mac Lab in HH269A

Reading, Grammar, Kanji, and Writing = 10:30am -12:30pm Thursday December 12 SSPA1100


Listening (30 pts)

Part A: You will listen to three conversations and write the answers in English.

Part B: You will listen to a drivng intruction and write the answers in English.

Part C: You will listen to a story by Mr. Kawamura and write the answers in English.


Reading + Grammar + Kanji: (80 points)

You will read two passages and asnwer 35 questions in total. The format is very similar to that of the Midterm: there will be fill-ins and questions on the content of the passage as well as reading and writing of kanji's. The vocabulary and grammar tested will be from the chapters covered this Quarter.

Part I: Read an article for a safe driving.
Part II: Read an essay about healthy eating habits


Writing: (40 points)

The Writing Final will be OPEN TEXTBOOK ...no dictionaries or any other materials, notes, or internet allowed.

You will be asked to choose one of three topics related to automobiles and transportation. Review Chapter 3's vocabulary and grammar you have learned in 2A so that you can complete the writing in a given time.

Grading Criteria:

Accuracy of grammar & use of kanji 12_
Variety of Choices: vocab & expressions that we have learned this quarter 12_
Content/Volume 12_
Organization (Introduction, body, and conclusion, Use of proper connection words) 4_