Translate the following sentences into Japanese.


1. You cannot just be playing around. You have to be responsible for yourself.
2. One has to work very hard for the company.
3. You will be disliked by young people if you keep on saying such things.
4. It is my time (time for myself) after 5:00.
5. Going out for a drink is part of the job.
6. You won't be promoted if you don't socialize.
7. I want to lead a fun and easy life.
8. Suit yourself. /Have your own way. (I have nothing to tell you any more then.)


9. I am thinking of (wondering about) changing jobs.
10. My boss is picky, and in addition, women cannot be promoted like men in this company, as you know.
11. Wouldn't it be difficult to start a shop all by yourself?
12. I am thinking that first I will work for an import company, and learn 'how to' there.
13. I don't have the courage to do such a thing.
14. I want to find a good husband (marriage partner) and quit working.