Would you like to review grammar and vocabulary in a fun way and also get a chance to express your own ideas and thoughts?
Would you like to learn ahead in order to be able to express yourself more freely?
Would you like to improve your writing skills?
Would you like to earn some extra credit this quarter?

Here is the perfect opportunity for you: Keep a daily journal or e-mail your classmate!

Here is what to do:

- Write an at least 10 sentence journal entry or e-mail message per day whenever you have a chance and submit it to sensee during the rest of the quarter. You may handwrite or type and print (double space). As for e-mail, print out your message and submit it to sensee.

- The quality of your writing will not be evaluated, and no grade will be assigned. The content and quality of the entry are totally up to you. Varieties of topics are encouraged.

- This is an extra credit activity: You will receive 0.1% credit per entry/message added to your overall quarter grade (2% maximum together with credits from JVC).

- For 0.1% credit, sensee will count only one entry/message per day. That is, even if you write 5 journal entries in one day at the end of the quarter, it will be counted as equal to one day's work.

- The last day of sumission is the last instruction day.

- In order to read/write Japanese in Webmail, go to "Options" and then "Display Preferences." Under General Display Options, switch Language selection to Japanese.