2015 Japanese 1B Final Speaking Project
PowerPoint Presentation

Time & Place of the Presentation:
3/12 (木), 3/13 (金) at your regular classroom. Everyone must be in attendance both days.

Using a wide variety of expressions that you have learned in Japanese 1A and 1B, you will give a PowerPoint Presentation to introduce a town in Japan. Begin the project by choosing a town in Japan you find interesting and then do research about the town. On your assigned day, you will inform the class of a variety of information about the town, including its location in Japan (including how far it is from Tokyo and how to get there), the weather throughout the year in simple terms, interesting places to visit, activities you can do there, etc. Please see the more detailed list of suggestions at the end of this page.

3 minutes

PPT format. Some bullet points (in short forms) allowed on each slide, but lots of visuals are what is being encouraged.
- All narration MUST BE MEMORIZED.
- It is advised that you have someone PROOFREAD your script before memorizing it for the maximum score.

- Use a wide variety of expressions and terms you have learned thus far.
- Because this is a speech, you MUST speak in POLITE/FORMAL form.
- Be sure to include as many of the following expressions in your script, among others:
1. Connecting adjectives and verbs, using the て-form
2. Comparatives
3. Expressions used when giving reasons: 〜から.
4. Expressions used for permission and prohibition: 〜てもいい、てはいけません、〜てください、〜ないでください
5. Opinion, hearsay: 〜と思う、〜と言っている
6. Qualifying nouns with verbs and adjectives
7. Intention: 〜つもりだ

Suggestions for the Content:
- the location (e.g. how far from Tokyo, how to get there, by what means of transportation, see TEXT pp.247-248)
- weather of the four seasons, simplified explanation; where to best see SAKURA; TEXT p. 286 for information on CLIMATE
- interesting places to visit/universities/museums/dept. stores/good photo spots/geographical locations such as mountains & rivers
- famous cuisine there
- traditions, festivals or customs specific to the region (see TEXT p. 144 for info on FESTIVALS and TEXT p. 226 on JAPANESE TRADITIONAL CULTURE); famous souvenir items sold there
- history of the city
- activities you can do there (e.g. whether or not SUMOO tournaments are held there; if they have a professional baseball team; if there are any ONSEN located there)
- suggest a sample weekly schedule?
- suggest that the audience go there, using 〜ませんか、〜ましょう、〜てください etc.

The total score will be 40 points (each of the following categories is worth 8 points).
1. Volume, content & organization
2. Variety of sentence structures and vocabulary
3. Grammatical accuracy
4. Clarity and fluency: Correctness of pronunciation and smoothness of presentation
5. Effectiveness of the PowerPoint slides