Japanese 1B Final 2015

Where and When?

Tuesday 3/17 1:30-3:30 p.m....Listening, Kanji, Reading & Writing @ SSH 100


Kanji (20 pts):

Review all kanji's from Lesson 6 to 11 (0.5 x 40 = 20)

Part I: Kanji reading: You will provide the reading of the kanji appeared in the passage.

Part II: Kanji writing: You will convert words written in hiragana into kanji.


Listening (40 pts):

Part I: 8 short conversations between Mary and Takeshi in long form. Each dialogue and question will be repeated twice.

Part II: A speech about a family. The speech and question will be repeated twice.

All the questions will be given in Japanese, but you will answer them in English on a given answer sheet.

You will be provided some scratch paper on which you will need to make notes as you listen. You will need to take as many quick and careful notes as possible on the scratch paper as you listen, in order to be able to correctly answer the questions.


Reading and Grammar (80 pts):

Part I: Complete the conjugation table.
Part II: Fill in the blank in the dialogue.
Part III: Read a passage and answer the questions
in Japanese.


Writing (40 pts):

Suppose you are applying for a one-year study abroad exchange program to go to Japan. One of the requirements for the applicants is to write an essay of at least 15 sentences in 3 paragraphs in LONG/POLITE FORM according to the guideline which will be provided for you.

Grading Criteria:

1. Quantity and Variety of Facts 8 points
2. Variety of Vocabulary & Expressions 8 points

3. Grammatical Accuracy

8 points
4. Organization and Flow: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion, Appropriate Use of Sentence Connectors: 8 points
5. Correct Usage of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji 8 points